Bambalambalam has seen 2 concerts at Huntridge Theater

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Deebo Oct 28, 2021

@boonedog . I was there !! I seen Slayer at the huntridge also!! It was a 2 day notice gig and they didn’t advertise it ! Best show ever for me!! Dream come true i used to pray to see slayer at at the huntridge!! It was i think for the new drummer warm up gig and he studdered on angel of death double bass part and the crowd went ohhhh!! Lol still the best ! No opener!

Boonedog Sep 20, 2021

Saw Slayer at The Huntridge Theater (no opener)? In the Early 90’s!! It was the LOUDEST and CLEANEST sounding show I’ve ever been to (still) …. I also saw No Doubt open for Bad Religion here!! … watched the headliner with Gwen & even bought her a beer… because we were pretty much the only two people, standing in the seating section!! most of the (small) crowd was on the floor!! ha ha
Anyhow, neither show is listed :( (I would add them, but I’m not Sure of the exact dates)!!
Anybody else go to these two shows ??

Maleia Hubbard Oct 29, 2020

Type O Negative/ Drain february 17, 1997
This needs to be added.