Iron and Wine Concert History

Iron And Wine is the stage and recording name of folk rock singer-songwriter, Samuel Beam. He has released three studio albums, several EPs and singles, as well as a few download-only releases, which include a live album (a recording of his 2005 Bonnaroo performance). Beam was raised in South Carolina before moving to Florida to attend school, but now resides outside of Austin, Texas. The name Iron And Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named "Beef Iron & Wine" that he found in a general store while shooting a film.[1]...

Date Concert Venue Location
Nov 07, 2021 Iron and Wine / Squirrel Flower   The Backroom at Colectivo Coffee
Nov 14, 2019 Calexico / Iron and Wine   Rosengarten Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Jun 21, 2019 Calexico / Iron and Wine   Prospect Park Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nov 07, 2018 Iron and Wine   The Paramount Huntington, New York, United States
Nov 04, 2018 Iron and Wine   Théâtre Corona Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Oct 06, 2018 Iron and Wine   Southern Theatre Columbus, Ohio, United States
Jun 01, 2018 Iron and Wine / Fraser A Gorman Canberra Theatre Centre Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Feb 10, 2018 Iron and Wine / Half Waif   Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany
Jan 14, 2018 Iron and Wine / Pale Honey Harpa Concert Hall Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland
Nov 14, 2017 Iron and Wine   The Town Hall New York, New York, United States
Nov 10, 2017 Iron and Wine   College Street Music Hall New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Oct 29, 2017 Iron and Wine   The Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Oct 27, 2017 Iron and Wine Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace Pioneertown, CA
Oct 18, 2017 Iron and Wine   The Moore Theater Seattle, Washington, United States
Oct 16, 2017 Iron and Wine   Rococo Theater Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Oct 14, 2017 Iron and Wine   Palace Theatre Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Aug 27, 2017 Iron and Wine
Iron and Wine
The Blue Note Columbia, Missouri, United States
Jun 28, 2017 Prescott Park Arts Festival  
Iron and Wine / Brooke Annibale
Prescott Park Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Show Duplicate for Jun 28, 2017
Nov 11, 2015 Iron and Wine IMU Main Lounge Iowa City, Iowa, United States
Oct 16, 2015 Iron and Wine Hub
Iron and Wine
Alumni Hall-HUB Robeson Center University Park, PA

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Iron and Wine had?

Iron and Wine has had 52 concerts.

When was the last Iron and Wine concert?

The last Iron and Wine concert was on November 07, 2021 at The Backroom at Colectivo Coffee. The bands that performed were: Iron and Wine / Squirrel Flower.

What songs does Iron and Wine play live?

The songs that Iron and Wine performs live vary, but here's the latest setlist that we have from the November 07, 2021 concert at The Backroom at Colectivo Coffee:

  1. Upward Over the Mountain
  2. Bitter Truth
  3. Lovers' Revolution
  4. Why Hate the Winter
  5. Call Your Boys
  6. Carousel
  7. Grace for Saints and Ramblers
  8. Rabbit Will Run
  9. Thomas County Law
  10. On Your Wings
  11. Waves of Galveston
  12. This Solemn Day
  13. Father Mountain
  14. Such Great Heights
  15. Jesus the Mexican Boy
  16. Flightless Bird, American Mouth
  17. Talking to Fog