Shipwreck Pedro Concert History

On an extremely rainy day in February 2011, Steven Kent and Roman Smith were introduced to each other. They were serving breakfast at a local middle school when they were asked to hand out cups of hot chocolate in the rain. Soaked, cold, and smiling, they parted ways not to be in contact again until late May 2011. Steven attended a Bible study at a local coffee shop off the reference of some friends. He soon recognized Roman. They reacquainted themselves and then immersed each other in deep conversation.

 Sacramento Shows

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Shipwreck Pedro had?

Shipwreck Pedro has had 3 concerts.

What genre is Shipwreck Pedro?

Shipwreck Pedro is most often considered to be Folk, Christian, and Gospel.

When was the last Shipwreck Pedro concert?

The last Shipwreck Pedro concert was on June 15, 2012 at Club Retro in Roseville, CA. The bands that performed were: Shipwreck Pedro / Brolly the Well / Branches.