The Hand in the Ocean's 2013 Concert History

"Three men, one acoustic guitar, one banjo… It’s clear from the outset of Tree/Forts that the three musicians who have their hands in this ocean are submerged into a more atmospheric brand of folk – when your opening is a 3-and-a-half lucid-dream drifter of a whispered poem over found-sounds like gravel and woodchips crinkled under traipsed feet, curtained with a meandering guitar wafting like fading fog…only to rustle forth into a livelier, nearly-6-minute proper kick-off ballad, exorcising a knottier ring of emotions through poetic, plaintive lyrics that still sound sutured in a half-dream-state, weaving through intricate, eager, and sometimes unpredictable...

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2014 1 concert
2013 2 concerts
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