The Scourge Of The Sea Concert History

The Scourge of the Sea writes sweet golden pop music. Swiftly tilting songs surround ghostly melodies, jangly hooks and recall the cover and comfort of darkness from the first time you saw the ocean, the first time you got lost and the first time you lost. Smart and literate songwriting coupled with dreamy, atmospheric arrangements don’t displace simple sing-a-longs over fractious electric guitars.

Indie Rock
Lexington Ky Indie
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2007 5 concerts
2006 1 concert
2005 2 concerts
 Billy Mc Neill

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has The Scourge Of The Sea had?

The Scourge Of The Sea has had 8 concerts.

What genre is The Scourge Of The Sea?

The Scourge Of The Sea is most often considered to be Rock, Pop, Indie, Indie Rock, Alt-Country, and Lexington Ky Indie.

When was the last The Scourge Of The Sea concert?

The last The Scourge Of The Sea concert was on July 27, 2007 at The Bellvedere in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The bands that performed were: De La Soul / Chicago Afro Beat Project / How I Became the Bomb / Cheer-Accident / SKL / The Old Ceremony / Kelley McRae / Parlour / Captain Of Industry / The Scourge Of The Sea / Lucky Pineapple / John Boy's Courage / Geoff Koch / The Fervor.