Date   Concert  
Feb 15, 2017 Japandroids with Craig Finn at Vic Theatre (February 15, 2017)  
Apr 18, 2015 The Mountain Goats with Stephen Brodsky at Vic Theatre (April 18, 2015)  
Dec 15, 2011 Wilco with Jon Langford & Skull Orchard at Vic Theatre (December 15, 2011)  
Oct 01, 2010 The Hold Steady and Wintersleep at Vic Theatre (October 1, 2010)  

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67 users have been to The Vic Theater including:
5867a7c7f2f7e0b381e8d8ac07f006cc  Keyofreason
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1f40979f8f3241ef915d74e4a3822efe  Chloe
Ced9868b0444af1f7365c28e9cf1fcb1  Patrick713
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Sm_avatar_img_2158  Matthewtlithgow
9b9616fddc1206a7e81bfd8bb36cd4e3  Maikiuei
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E9a5d56f0283e2adaaa5b6c1e28c7eec  Josh Owen
Sm_avatar_img_2511  Blaqk Fire
B47c416b20a006e8aabfc0824f129b79  Cortney
1c2291f9f3218171a74db258a679e37f  Haley Le Rand
65a1681cc47bcc8651b8fb9a96d1544e  Cole Locascio
5e24f4a2872659e677f1580f9cb127ef  Havnfun
Sm_avatar_20150425_224037  Thor2265
47f865c81c43eaad534ecc738daa8a2a  Jaclyn
Sm_avatar_justinthiele-avatar-534  Justin Thiele
411cb16a8484629d05d3c14b41843125  Alissa T.
8ecdfb9c30459ba9dcc9a8af7ac01cfa  Jules13
E757392a3a26750b404d2e27363e8467  Emma Clardy


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