An Evening with Blondie - featuring Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Rob Roth

Oct 07, 2019     Walnut Hills High School     Cincinnati, OH

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October 07, 2019
Walnut Hills High School
Cincinnati, OH

Signed copy of Debbie Harry's Autobiography Face It + Ticket: $32.95

8:30 PM

This was a moderated discussion of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein's life in Blondie, touring, etc.
There was no musical performance.


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 Pdto Nshow Nin
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Pdto Nshow Nin Feb 11, 2020

Attended with my youngest brother.
Received one signed first edition of Face It with the ticket, and purchased two more after the show.
I have two copies signed in silver, and one in gold.

After the show, there were no autographs, and Chris Stein left the stage promptly, but Debbie stayed on stage and shook hands and spoke with fans. We were able to meet her and shaker her hand.