Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2019

Aug 08, 2019 – Aug 11, 2019     Catton Park     Derby, England, United Kingdom

Band Line-up

Concert Details

Thursday, August 08, 2019 – Sunday, August 11, 2019
Catton Park
Derby, England, United Kingdom

Band Genres

Metal 21 bands


Heavy Metal 13 bands

Heavy Metal:

Death Metal 10 bands

Death Metal:

Groove Metal 8 bands

Groove Metal:

Hard Rock 8 bands

Hard Rock:

Thrash Metal 8 bands

Thrash Metal:

Nu Metal 7 bands

Nu Metal:

Rock 7 bands


Speed Metal 7 bands

Speed Metal:

Metalcore 6 bands


Power Metal 6 bands

Power Metal:

Alternative Metal 5 bands

Alternative Metal:

Black Metal 5 bands

Black Metal:

Glam Metal 4 bands

Glam Metal:

Melodic Death Metal 4 bands

Melodic Death Metal:

Album Oriented Rock (AOR) 4 bands

Album Oriented Rock (AOR):

Old School Thrash 4 bands

Old School Thrash:

Alternative Rock 3 bands

Alternative Rock:

Doom Metal 3 bands

Doom Metal:

Sludge Metal 3 bands

Sludge Metal:

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Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2019 on Aug 8, 2019 [139-small]

  Uploaded by Jason French

 Jason French
 Stephen Jackson

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