Bruce Springsteen / The E street Band

The river tour

Aug 30, 2016

MetLife Stadium     East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States

4 Hours, 5 minutes- US record longest show
Ticket price $236.

Band Genres

Classic Rock 2 bands

Classic Rock:

Pop Rock 2 bands

Pop Rock:

Rock 2 bands


Singer-Songwriter 2 bands


Mellow Gold 2 bands

Mellow Gold:

Permanent Wave 2 bands

Permanent Wave:

Alternative Folk 1 band

Alternative Folk:

Americana 1 band


Folk 1 band


Rock And Roll 1 band

Rock And Roll:

Soft Rock 1 band

Soft Rock:

United States 1 band

United States:

Austin Americana 1 band

Austin Americana:

English 1 band


Classic Texas Country 1 band

Classic Texas Country:

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Bruce Springsteen / The E street Band on Aug 30, 2016 [488-small]

  Uploaded by Donald T Long

 Chris Balint
 Vincent Tolino
 Donald T Long
 Paul Markowitz
 Joey Heller
 Callaghanmichael Us
 Sam Mucha
 Steve Valazza
 Charlie Durkin
 Barbara Cohen
 Krista Di Salvo
 Erin Clancy

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Callaghanmichael Us Feb 07, 2022

Bruce did 3 shows at MetLife Stadium in August. The 8/23 ran 3:52 minutes; longest in the US at the time. On 8/25 it ran 3:59. I had a feeling the 8/30 could go 4 hours so bought tickets on Stubhub. Was thrilled the show went 4:01 and was filled with many early classics.

Callaghanmichael Us Feb 05, 2022

Anne Callaghan attended