Crowded House - Sheryl Crow

Apr 15, 1994     328 Performance Hall     Nashville Tennessee

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April 15, 1994
328 Performance Hall
Nashville Tennessee

Went to see Crowded House based on their album Woodface..They weren't just an MTV 80's band like I thought..Didn't even know who Sheryl Crow was, but I saw an interview with her recently and she was saying that this night ( I think ) was the last night that the drummer was with Crowded House...After this night he left from a depression he'd been experiencing..I think she said that the guy hung himself later that month...But the band began to unravel some after..They were fantastic that night and did some unbelievable stuff too...They were completely spur of the moment...Passed a notebook around for folks to write a request...I put " Blues in Eminor" and they picked it....The singer liked the melody so much that he told to sound guy to roll tape...I had heard somebody from Nashville say during an interview that he was there and was talking about that very moment and supposedly it became a song they worked up and put on a later album..I always have wanted to know just what song it turned into..


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