Frightened Rabbit
Death Cab for Cutie
Aug 18, 2011
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

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Frightened Rabbit setlist:
Setlist Not Available
Death Cab for Cutie setlist:
  1. I Will Possess Your Heart
  2. Crooked Teeth
  3. We Laugh Indoors
  4. A Movie Script Ending
  5. Doors Unlocked and Open
  6. Long Division
  7. Grapevine Fires
  8. Codes and Keys
  9. Summer Skin
  10. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
  11. Title and Registration
  12. You Are a Tourist
  13. The New Year
  14. Photobooth
  15. Company Calls
  16. Soul Meets Body
  17. Some Boys
  18. Why You'd Want to Live Here
  19. Cath...
  20. We Looked Like Giants
  21. Marching Bands of Manhattan
  22. Stay Young, Go Dancing
  23. Your Bruise
  24. The Sound of Settling
  25. Transatlanticism

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