Evanescence with Lindsey Stirling and Cellogram at Dos Equis Pavilion (August 24, 2018)

Aug 28, 2018     Dos Equis Pavilion     Dallas, TX

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August 28, 2018
Dos Equis Pavilion
Dallas, TX


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Ignatius Feb 23, 2019

Cellogram is a cello and cajon/bongo. Nice, thick sound, fun arrangements and stage presence. They brought out Jen Majura of Evanescence to do Sweet Child O' Mine, I liked her shirt, "Ego Kills Talent".

Lindsey absolutely killed it tonight. From the Warmer in the Winter tour I knew her sets were theatrical but it was great to see the theatrics in a non-Christmas context and it blew me away. The subtlety that caught my attention the most was during Take Flight and Roundtable Rivalry, (and possibly others) the main screens showed the same choreography that was happening on stage, but in a pro-shot and edited version. It felt like a live concert film and was so effective. I've seen similar prerecorded gimmicks, (Muse's Uprising and TOP's Josh v Josh drum battle) but this was an instant favorite for me. Mirage was amazing, but even more amazing was Shatter Me. With Amy Lee. And no dubstep. Holy crap that was the perfect version of the song. Also really appreciated the voiceover extended outro to Crystallize

Compared to Lindsey, I wasn't too taken with Evanescence this time around. Of course the sound was incredible. Surprisingly the orchestra held up well with the outdoor venue, barely any worse than last year's show. The percussive combination of kit + pads stole the show all the same. And having Lindsey on Hi-Lo was a bonus. But... Lindsey's set was energetic and goddamn fun. Evanescence was dark, dramatic, ethereal, and therefore, boring. It sounds pretty, and even sounds better than I could ever experience at home, but other than that there was nothing to hold my attention. In fact, the lady in front of me started up a game of Bejeweled on her phone... They brought it back around with Lindsey collabing on Ozzy's No More Tears, that was badass. But then it was over :/ so I'm glad to have seen some good Evanescence shows in my time but from now on they're very skippable and overpriced