Jun 17, 2018     Woodlands of Dover     Dover, DE



June 17, 2018
Woodlands of Dover
Dover, DE

Second day of firefly. Very hot! Ava and I both got pretty burned.
Fly by midnight played the porch, the smallest venue. Ava & I were first there and chatted with the members. Great new pop band with a few very danceable songs. Afterwards they were super nice and even gave ava a drumstick! 3.5/5
Courtship was fantastic as always - it was their first festival and they were very excited - 4/5
Alice Merton was a pleasant surprise - strong vocals and a good sound - 3.5/5
betty Who was amazing - a madonna like performance with dancers - sounds even better live - 5/5
For MGMT, we once again got to to onto the platform next to the stage, wehre I got to meet Alice Merton! The was fine, fairly basic show but a great ending - 3/5
About partway through MGMT, we went down to VIP area, so that we were very close for Kendrick.
Kendrick was fine but ended up only playing one of the two hours he was supposed to go on - 3/5


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