Spear Carrier / Maklak / Carousel (WA) / Aftereon

Spear Carrier / Maklak at Showbox SoDo

Jan 8, 2010 (14 years ago)

Showbox SoDo     Seattle, Washington, United States

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Friday, January 08, 2010
Showbox SoDo
Seattle, Washington, United States

Band Genres

Easycore 1 band


Hard Rock 1 band

Hard Rock:

Pop Punk 1 band

Pop Punk:

Southern Gospel 1 band

Southern Gospel:

Shiver Pop 1 band

Shiver Pop:

Anthem Emo 1 band

Anthem Emo:

Shimmer Pop 1 band

Shimmer Pop:

Lo-Fi Beats 1 band

Lo-Fi Beats:

Lo-Fi Rap 1 band

Lo-Fi Rap:

Irish Hip Hop 1 band

Irish Hip Hop:

Persian Hip Hop 1 band

Persian Hip Hop:

Family Gospel 1 band

Family Gospel:

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