The Maine at Factory Theatre (February 3, 2018)

Feb 03, 2018     Factory Theatre     Marrickville, NSW

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February 03, 2018
Factory Theatre
Marrickville, NSW

-super fun
-really good crowd
-got a guy from the barrier to come on stage in Girls do what they want and he didn’t know any words and said he was dragged there by his wife
-when Jon made everyone make a circle around that guy and he was like now watch me and did a weird dance move thing and made the guy copy
-the louder and softer in the da da bit of my heroine
-Tamara spent most of Waterparks set making fun of them and it was really funny
- the support band were selling stuff at the merch stand after the concert and they were holding up a a piece of cardboard with like $5000 crossed out and $10 written and yelling out closing down sale everything must go reduced from 5000 to 10
-almost got a photo with Awsten Knight


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Seen By:
 Caitlin Sibbald
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