Tonight Alive at Metro Theatre (May 4, 2018)

May 04, 2018     Metro Theatre     Sydney, NSW

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May 04, 2018
Metro Theatre
Sydney, NSW

me and Eliza were about 6 rows back right in the middle. Tamara was on barrier in the centre!! She got in early with her meet and greet. So sad I didn’t get meet and greet because I could have gone and it would have been amazing. We had to get Pringles to Tamara on the barrier because she didn’t get to come out to eat dinner. Me and Eliza went to Grilld. Concert was crazy. The closest to death I have ever come. Lots of pushing and crowd surfing and a pit opened up right next to us near the end. I knew it was going to be crazy though because I have seen Tonight Alive 3 times before this. It was the first time I have ever been in the middle of it though. It was also the first time I was on the actual floor at Metro. It was nice to be back at Metro after ages. At the beginning we were standing in an area with heaps of other girls and we couldn’t hold all the crowd surfers and they were all going down next to me it was pretty bad. One guy came along like “I’m falling...” and it was really funny. He was doing it i like an excited tone. Hurt my neck and nose and thought it was going to bleed. Got footprints on my shirt from crowd surfers. Dropped my new shirt and my jacket in the pit and had to go to a lot of effort to get it back. Drunk guys came next to Eliza and became like her best friend. Three guys were dressed as bananas. They were recording the show but we’re not sure if she said it was for an album or a video. I hope it’s for an album because then I’ll be singing on an album. Tamara got a whole can of beer tipped on her head because someone went crowd surfing with beer in their hand. I saw it happen. Between You and Me also supported the Maine and me and Tamara both thought we had seen them before but couldn’t figure out where and then I recognised the lead singer as the opener at the Maine when he took off his cap and shirt. They had these storm trooper balloon man things because of May 4 and they threw them into the crowd and they broke into pieces and then there were all these pieces of storm trooper were stuck to the roof it was really funny.


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Seen By:
 Caitlin Sibbald
 Its Kodos
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