West of the Rockies Tour

Oct 14, 1975     Memorial Coliseum     Portland, Oregon, United States

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October 14, 1975
Memorial Coliseum
Portland, Oregon, United States


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 Emmanuel Herkulez

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Smithrey Sep 27, 2020

Elton was wearing a very cool hat. When he started in on "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," a guy snuck up on stage and ran to him, grabbing at the hat. Elton and the guy wrestled for it for a couple seconds, until three or four security men pulled the guy away. Elton sat on the piano bench for a few moments and then said, "We'll skip this song. That's your punishment." But by the end of the set, he was feeling visibly better, and said "Thank you, Portland."

Smithrey Sep 27, 2020

I went with some high school friends, including Joe Breuner.