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ZZ Top is an American rock band formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. For 51 years, it was composed of vocalist-guitarist Billy Gibbons, drummer Frank Beard and bassist-vocalist Dusty Hill, until Hill's death in 2021. ZZ Top had developed a signature sound based on Gibbons' blues guitar playing style and Hill and Beard's rhythm section. They are popular for their live performances, sly and humorous lyrics, and the matching appearances of Gibbons and Hill, who wore sunglasses, hats and long beards.

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Nov 13, 2013
ZZ Top
Casino New Brunswick Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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Dghammer Jun 04, 2022

What idiot thinks that the Fort Worth Convention Center is in dal-ass?

Mjacobs Mar 18, 2020

ZZ Top ,Earth Wind and Fire and Uriah Heep concert on 9/7 /73 was not in Rochester NY but at the Floyd Maines Arena in Binghamton N.Y. I am positive on this since I was there and it was one of my all time favorite shows.

Bundy714 Oct 12, 2019

You missed one. ZZ Top played the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, MS on April 18, 1991. I remember it well, cause we were really bummed. The Black Crowes were hot and new, and were supposed to open for ZZ Top, but for some reason they didn't. Can't remember why, but it turned out to be a good concert anyway. Sure did want to see the Black Crowes tho, lol.

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