Ayreon - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales

Sep 15, 2019 (4 years ago)

Poppodium 013     Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands

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Sunday, September 15, 2019
Poppodium 013
Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands

album singers and musicians

Fish - The Highlander
Anneke van Giersbergen - The Egyptian
Damian Wilson - The Knight
Thijs van Leer - Flute
Ed Warby - Drums
Edward Reekers - Futureman
Edwin Balogh - The Roman
George Oosthoek - Death
Arjen A. Lucassen - The Hippie

and special guests

Simone Simons - The Indian
Mark Jansen - Death
John Jaycee Cuijpers - The Barbarian
Marcela Bovio – vocals
Robert Soeterboek – vocals
Dianne van Giersbergen – backing vocals
Jan Willem Ketelaers – backing vocals

Narration by John de Lancie as ForeverI

Bass: Johan van Stratum
Keys: Joost van den Broek
Lead guitar: Marcel Singor
guitar: Ferry Duijsens
guitar: Bob Wijtsma
Violin: Ben Mathot

Extra special guest
Robbie Valentine on Grand Piano

Other Tales Lead Vocals

The Gentle Storm – Anneke van Giersbergen
Lost in the New Real – Arjen Lucassen
Stream of Passion – Marcela Bovio
Guilt Machine – Damian Wilson
Ambeon – Simone Simons
Star One – Robert Soeterboek, Dianne van Giersbergen, Marcela Bovio, Damian Wilson, and Jaycee Cuijpersö

Genres Seen

Celtic Metal, Folk, Folk Rock, Metal, Power Metal, Progressive, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock, Rock Opera, Space Rock, Symphonic Metal, Neo-Progressive, Neo Classical Metal, Sci-Fi Metal, Dutch Metal, and Prog Metal.


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