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Children Of Bodom was a Finnish melodic death metal band formed in 1993 in Espoo, near Helsinki, Finland's capital. The group disbanded in 2019. Its final line-up included lead guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho, drummer Jaska Raatikainen, bassist Henkka Seppälä, keyboardist Janne Wirman, and rhythm guitarist Daniel Freyberg. During its tenure, Children Of Bodom released ten studio albums. Hatebreeder (1999), Hate Crew Deathroll (2003), Are You Dead Yet? (2005), Blooddrunk (2008), Relentless Reckless Forever (2011), I Worship Chaos (2015), and Hexed (2019) reached the top spot on the Finnish charts while Halo of Blood (2013) peaked at number two, and Something Wild (1997) and Follow the Reaper (2000) both reached the third highest spot. The band Children Of Bodom also released 16 singles, six of which reached number one in Finland: "Children of Bodom," "Downfall," "Hate Me!," You're Better Off Dead!," "Thrashed, Lost & Strungout," "In Your Face," and "Blooddrunk."

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