Iron Maiden / Anthrax

No Prayer on the Road

Mar 15, 1991 (32 years ago)

Civic Auditorium     Bakersfield, California, United States

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Friday, March 15, 1991
Civic Auditorium
Bakersfield, California, United States

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Alternative Metal 2 bands

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Hard Rock 2 bands

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Heavy Metal 2 bands

Heavy Metal:

Metal 2 bands


Rock 2 bands


Crossover Thrash 1 band

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Glam Metal 1 band

Glam Metal:

Groove Metal 1 band

Groove Metal:

Nu Metal 1 band

Nu Metal:

Rap Metal 1 band

Rap Metal:

Speed Metal 1 band

Speed Metal:

Thrash Metal 1 band

Thrash Metal:

British 1 band


Album Oriented Rock (AOR) 1 band

Album Oriented Rock (AOR):

NWOBHM 1 band


Old School Thrash 1 band

Old School Thrash:

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 1 band

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal:

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Iron Maiden / Anthrax on Mar 15, 1991 [726-small]

  Uploaded by Chuckem

Iron Maiden / Anthrax on Mar 15, 1991 [725-small]

  Uploaded by Chuckem

 Dan M.
 Max Tennison

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Chuckem Jun 18, 2023

Thanks Dan M. for the info. I didn't remember the Tour name.