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Fathom Farewell brings depth to the rock/metal genre beyond the confines of its articulate instrumentation and vocal presence. Addressing topics from humanity and its relationships to the grave consequences human nature causes our world and our future, frontman Alex Cohen demands through his delivery that each listener lend a close ear and a willingness toward self reflection. This fiery passion results in a refined rock act with the potential to be the voice of change, but with the live thrill and precision of a modern heavy metal act.

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Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Dec 22, 2018 Currents / Idle Lives / Fathom Farewell / No Eye Has Seen / The Sentinels Webster Underground Hartford, CT
Oct 11, 2018 Ice Nine Kills / Currents / Awake at Last / Attraction to Tragedy / Fathom Farewell / Lakéshoré   Upstairs at the Palladium Worcester, MA
Jun 16, 2018 The Plot In You / Greyhaven / Half Hearted / Fathom Farewell / The Worst of Us   Webster Underground Hartford, CT
Dec 17, 2017 Currents / Sharptooth / Roseview / Idle Lives / The Crooked Sound / The Days Ahead / The Values / Fathom Farewell Webster Underground Hartford, CT
Nov 25, 2017 Ice Nine Kills / Ovtlier / Dayseeker / The Plot In You / No Eye Has Seen / Gaïa / In Honor Of / Half Hearted / Barbarian / Fathom Farewell   Webster Theater Hartford, CT
Oct 06, 2017 The Headspace Tour  
Issues / The Devil Wears Prada / Veil of Maya / Volumes / Silent Planet / Too Close to Touch / Sylar / Thousand Below / Half Hearted / Barbarian / Fathom Farewell
The Palladium Worcester, MA
Mar 11, 2017 Within the Ruins / Born of Osiris / Volumes / Oceans Ate Alaska / Fire From the Gods / Barbarian / Lattermath / Don't Cross the Streams / In Honor Of / A Fathom Farewell   Palladium Worcester, MA
Nov 26, 2016 Ice Nine Kills  
Sirens and Sailors / It Lives It Breathes / Assuming We Survive / Eyes On Satellites / A Fathom Farewell / Ice Nine Kills
The Middle East - Downstairs Boston, MA
Sep 20, 2016 Stick to Your Guns / Stray from the Path / Expire / Knocked Loose   Upstairs at the Palladium Worcester, MA
Feb 26, 2016 Born of Osiris / Veil of Maya / After the Burial / ERRA / Bad Omens / A Fathom Farewell / In Depths and Tides / Hope Before the Fall / Circuit of Suns / King Pariah / Of Nations   Palladium Worcester, MA
Nov 07, 2013 Story of the Year / Silverstein / Hawthorne Heights / Like Moths to Flames / I Am King / A Fathom Farewell / The Causeway Bandits / Just My Luck / Summit   Palladium Downstairs Worcester, MA

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