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Timeshares is a punk rock band with roots tracing back to cold but peaceful upstate, New York. Just prior to their official formation in 2009, the burning desire for overpriced rent, constant traffic and personal debt found the members in loud and polluted downstate, New York. Since then, this hopelessly well-meaning group of four has been circling the country in a rusty '89 Chevy van, staying up all night with the locals and occasionally writing songs.

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Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Jul 28, 2018 Timeshares / The Scandals / The Penske File / Lost In Society / Ellen and the Degenerates The Cobra Club Brooklyn, New York, United States
Oct 29, 2016 The Fest 15  
Dead to Me / Divided Heaven / Propagandhi / Night Birds / Slingshot Dakota / The Menzingers / Reconciler / Raging Nathans / Samiam / New Junk City / Dllinger Four / Direct Hit! / Timeshares / Broadway Calls / Late Bloomer / Old Flings / The Copyrights / Campaign / the ergs Show all bands
Bo Diddley Plaza Gainesville, Florida, United States
Jun 16, 2010 Thousandaires / Mayflower / Timeshares / Time's Up Hi 5 Queens, New York, United States
May 20, 2010 The Menzingers / 10-4 Eleanor / The Holy Mess / Timeshares / Arliss Nancy / The Broosevelts 538 Johnson Brooklyn, New York, United States
Feb 28, 2010 Generic Insight Radio Fest  
Algernon Cadwallader / Slingshot Dakota / Timeshares / The Marine Electric / Exit She Calls / The New Dress
Bushwick Music Studios Brooklyn, New York, United States

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