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 John Fod
 Jim Frederick
 Chris Taylor
 J Marie M27
 Francis Ward
 Da Workin Man
 Brian Lr
 Concert Archives 3
 Kim Millar
 Matt Bowers
 Cindy Browne

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Karl Condello Apr 05, 2020

You forgot one Major concert event though it was in 1966 The Beatles

Lionel Ney Feb 12, 2020

There was more than one concert at JFK in 1983. There was also The Police with Joan Jett, R.E.M and Madness. August 20, 1983. I was there.

Mbaines13 Oct 24, 2017

I was stationed in the Philadelphia shipyards in 1982 83 era... I saw a great concert there with Bryan Adams, The Tubes, Sammy Hagar, John Cougar, and Journey... Why can't I find this concert here?