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I love punk and hardcore music, poetry, vinyl records, the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, and Taco Bell

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Describing the group Listener, a few years ago, would have involved discussing two guys, a guitar, a macbook, and a washing machine; an explanation that would turn the head of even the most avant-garde fans of music. Listener has now evolved into a full fledged rock and roll power trio with vocalist Dan Smith playing bass and brass, guitarist Christin Nelson behind the monstrous musical arrangements, and drummer Kris Rochelle pounding the skins as if the ghost of John Bonham haunted his dreams.

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Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Jul 02, 2014
I Went On Tour And All I Got Was This Tour Tour
Listener / '68 / The Homeless Gospel Choir
The Czar Bar Kansas City, Missouri, United States

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