dB’s's 2023 Concert History

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

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John Coffey on Aug 16, 2023 [397-small]

John Coffey
Aug 16, 2023
  Uploaded by Queenof Darknessq

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Dutch 8 performances
Punk 8 performances
Black Metal 7 performances
Rock 7 performances
Netherlands 6 performances
2024 3 concerts
2023 9 concerts
2022 2 concerts
2021 1 concert
2020 3 concerts
2015 2 concerts
 Jesper De Gier
 Emma Buijs
 Ivy X44
 Jens De Gier
 Koen Kaffener
 Queenof Darknessq
 Quincey Mok
 Jesper Lust
 Michelle Mabelle
 Marcel Burgstad

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts have there been at dB’s?

dB’s has had 20 concerts.

When is the next concert at dB’s?

The next concert at dB’s is on June 02, 2024. The bands performing are: The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam.

When was the last concert at dB’s?

The last concert at dB’s was on April 13, 2024. The bands that performed were: Temple Fang / Ismena.

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