The Biscuit Factory's 2019 Concert History

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Date Concert Venue Location
Nov 30, 2019
EH6 2019
Baby Strange / Kyle Falconer / Parliamo / Miracle Glass Company / The Roly Mo / The Rah's / Davey Horne / Nick Mercer Jr / Ruvellas / Cutchy Cash / The Shambolics / Voodoos (UK) / Kieran Fisher / Carousel (Sco) / The Links (UK)
The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Rock 14 performances
Indie Rock 11 performances
Indie 10 performances
Scottish Indie Rock 8 performances
Britpop Revival 7 performances
2022 2 concerts
2019 1 concert
2018 1 concert
 Buz Zann
 David Harrold

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts have there been at The Biscuit Factory?

The Biscuit Factory has had 4 concerts.

When was the last concert at The Biscuit Factory?

The last concert at The Biscuit Factory was on November 24, 2022. The bands that performed were: Redolent.

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