Here’s What to Do With All Those Ticket Stubs!

So you’ve logged all your concerts into Concert Archives, but now what do you do with all those tickets stubs? If you’re like me, you may have a box or a drawer full of random ticket stubs, guitar picks, and setlists from over the years. Since there aren’t as many new events happening, now’s the perfect time to go through it all, and find the best way to display all your beloved memories!

For All Your Tickets

Cork Board

Perhaps the easiest and quickest solution to display your tickets is by putting them on a cork board! This is how I displayed my tickets up until about a year ago. If you want, you can put them in date order, or by band, or in any order you’d like! If you have any guitar picks you want to include, throw them in one of those tiny bags that earrings come in, so you can hang them up easily.


If you don’t want to poke holes it your tickets, scrapbooking may be the answer. It can be as fancy or as basic as you want! I’m not super crafty myself so, as you can see below, mine is quite simple. All I did to create this was sort my tickets by date, glue them down to a piece of paper (though you can skip that if you want), and put them in a binder using binder sleeves.

A few ‘pages’ from my ‘scrapbook.’ Since it’s regular paper-sized, it’s easy to include setlists. For tickets you don’t want to glue down (like a signed one) and guitar pics, just slide them in!

Personally, I wanted to include ALL the shows I’ve been to, so for those that didn’t have paper tickets, I printed out the show flyer or info. The bonus of this method is that it’s easy to include setlists, guitar picks, and any other extra relatively flat memorabilia from the shows.

Coffee Table/Bar Top

If you’re the crafty type, and willing to commit to a big project, you can make all sorts of custom furniture from all your ticket stubs. Here’s a great tutorial about how you can make one of these awesome displays.

For A Select Few Tickets

Shadow Boxes

Make sure you get a deep enough box! This inch deep box was just barely wide enough to fit both of these drumsticks.

If you have some drumsticks from shows, or don’t feel like being too fancy, a shadow box is the perfect solution! For drumsticks, you can put any photos from the show or the event flyer in the background, or leave it empty. If you don’t want to go through the effort of organizing all your tickets, but still want to show off how many you have, you can also throw them all in a shadowbox! You can even add a hole in the top to easily add more ticket stubs.

Your Favorite Memories

Magnets, Bookmarks, or Coasters

For stubs from your favorite concerts, it’s easy to turn them into cool pieces for around your home. It’s easy to find tutorials on how to create these cool custom pieces, and it can be as simple as laminating your ticket or gluing it a strong magnet!


For these cool and comfy items, you have plenty of options! If you want to DIY it, simply upload a photo of your ticket, then print it onto photo transfer paper. If you’d rather someone else do the work, there’s plenty of websites and shops that allow you to upload a photo or input the concert information, and they’ll make it and ship it to you!

Other Custom Items

If there’s a certain concert that you really loved, you can show off the ticket on almost any type of item you think of! Companies like Snapfish can make items such as blankets, coffee mugs, tea towels, puzzles, or pretty much anything with your photo on it.

How do you store your concert tickets? Have you done any of these projects, or plan to? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Hi Marra – Some of them may! It really depends on the show/artist. I’m sure there’s some people out there who lost their ticket stub and would pay for a replacement, or if it’s a bigger artist, people who may be interested even if they weren’t at (or even alive during) the show.

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