Songs We Can’t Wait to Hear Live – October Update

We can’t believe it’s November already (or March, pt. 8). Let’s take a look back at some of the best albums that have come out last month!

Young Culture – Young Culture

On October 16, Young Culture released their debut, self-titled LP on Equal Vision Records. Though I had heard of the band before, I hadn’t really listened to them much. This album has quickly become one of my favorites of this year, and has inspired me to check out their previous discography as well. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend giving YC a listen. Each song on the album has it’s own vibe, and together they form an amazing album that you’ll want to listen to again and again. Give Young Culture a listen!

We also interviewed Alex of Young Culture. Check it out!

Happy. – Imposter Syndrome

Released just this past Friday is a band called Happy.’s second LP, Imposter Syndrome. I first heard the band just a couple weeks ago and was eager to hear more, when their track “Don’t Overdose and Drive” from their first album Cult Classic showed up on one of my Spotify playlists. Finally getting to hear Imposter Syndrome makes it clear that Rude Records releases will be making quite a few appearances on my Best of 2020 list. It’s hard to choose a favorite track, but if I had to, I’d go with “June Gloom” or “Liarliar.”

Give Imposter Syndrome a listen!

Laura Jane Grace – Stay Alive

Laura Jane Grace surprise-released Stay Alive on the first of October, and it was just what I needed. Laura played two of the songs, “The Swimming Pool Song” and “The Mountain Song” at Fest one year ago today, and I’m happy to finally be able to listen to them in an album context. Stay Alive has a number of acoustic, folk-punky tracks, but they still feel cohesive with more electric tracks like “SuperNatural Possession.” A lot of songs on this album are relatively short – the whole album (14 songs) is just over 29 minutes – but it works. I can’t wait to catch more of these songs live someday.

Listen to Stay Alive!

Field Medic – Floral Prince

I haven’t been to a Field Medic show yet, but I’d sure like to someday. Despite releasing an album just a year and a half ago, Field Medic is back again this year with Floral Prince, released October 2 on Run For Cover Records. The album is a nice change of pace from what I usually listen to; Field Medic is a self-described “freak folk” artist. I can’t say I really listen to much folk music, but I do enjoy this, whatever it is. If you like artists like Beach Bunny, The Neighbourhood, or Prince Daddy & The Hyena (all of whom Field Medic has toured with), then you’ll probably enjoy it too.

Listen to Floral Prince!

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – Razzmatazz

Dallon Weekes (ex-P!aTD) and Ryan Seaman (ex-FiR) are I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Razzmatazz is the duo’s debut album. If you’re familiar with either member’s previous projects, don’t expect this one to sound anything like it. When asked what genre they’d describe themselves as, the iDKHOW Twitter account replied “I dunno. Indie pop? Hipster nonsense? Glam Wham is probably the best one I’ve heard.” and that about sums it up. Razzmatazz is groovy in the best way, and if you need 37 minutes to forget about all your problems and just vibe, then this is the album for you.

Listen to Razzmatazz!

Plans – No Swimming EP

Also released on October 2 of this year is Plans’ No Swimming. I first saw Plans at their set at Snowchella earlier this year (which now feels like a lifetime ago). I was looking forward to their set, because a friend had been telling me lots of good things about the band, and said friend was totally right! Despite releasing their debut full-length just last August, Plans is already back with this new EP they recorded during these pandemic months. The EP includes 4 new songs, and a rerecorded version of the song “Sleep,” one of the first songs the band ever wrote.

Listen to No Swimming and check out our interview with Cody!

FEVER 333 – Wrong Generation EP

Looking for something heavier from these past few weeks? Look no further than FEVER 333’s Wrong Generation. For those who aren’t familiar, FEVER 333 is the new project of Jason Aalon Butler (formerly of letlive.). The band released their debut album Strength in Numb333rs early last year, and Wrong Generation is their second EP. The band has numerous festival appearances scheduled for next year, so here’s the hoping we get to see them then! To best understand the band’s EP, read this statement from Jason below:

Listen to Wrong Generation!


The albums mentioned above are only a few of the amazing releases that have come out over the past month. Check out the playlist below for over 50 new tunes released over the past few weeks, and be sure to give it a follow, as we’ll be updating it with new releases every Monday!

Know something we missed? Feel free to leave a comment below. Have your own tunes coming out soon? Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to let us know!

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