The CA Merch Store is Open!

We’ve just launched the Concert Archives merch store! Now you can get all the CA branded t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc that your heart desires ?

The idea for a merch store started because I wanted to have Jason Lubrano (the singer of the band Iron Chic) create a CA t-shirt design. While he was working on it, I kind of went overboard contacting more artists to do designs too, haha. So we have 7 different designs available!

Each design comes in men’s & women’s t-shirts and my favorites also have things like hoodies, mugs, fanny packs, tank tops, etc. And lots of color options for each/ If there is a combination that you’d like but you don’t see (like a specific design on a mug or long sleeve), let me know and I can probably add it.

We tried to keep the prices as reasonable as possible, so hopefully it’s a way to spread the word and spur some good conversations!

Let us know in the comments which design/items are your favorite ?

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