Spotlight on: Seaway [interview] – Big Vibe out now!

This week we chatted with Ryan Locke of Seaway about a lot of our favorite topics at Concert Archives like first/favorite concerts, bucket lists, etc. Seaway released their newest album “Big Vibe” last month on Pure Noise.


Past Shows

BP: What’s the first concert you went to?

Ryan: My Dad worked for a radio station when I was a kid and they used to host a summer festival every Labour Day so probably one of those. One year Avril Lavigne played but I can’t claim that as my first or I might lose all punk cred.

When I was 11 my Dad and all my friends’ Dads took us to a SARS benefit concert in Toronto called SARS Fest. The Rolling Stones and AC/DC headlined. I’ll claim that as my first. It’s also the first time I remember smelling weed.

BP: What’s the first show you ever played? First Seaway show?

Ryan: The first show I played was for our highschool metalcore band at the Velocity in Burlington, Ontario. First Seaway show was in Cambridge, Ontario I believe? I think we had more people moshing at the metalcore show.

BP: Do you have a favorite concert you’ve ever been to? Favorite concert you’ve played?

Ryan: Seeing the [Weezer] Blue Album 20 year anniversary tour was special because obviously I was way too young to get into it when the record came out.

Favourite we have played is probably selling out our second Holiday Shaker. It was our biggest headliner at the time. Slam Dunk 2019 was really special too, though. I think at the time I thought we deserved better placement in the bill, but so many people showed up for our set that it really didn’t matter where we were placed. Felt really good.

Current/Upcoming Shows

BP: Favorite song(s) to play live? Why?

Ryan: It changes really. For a while it was “Lula on the Beach,” but then you tour it for 3 years and muscle memory sets in and it feels usual. I can’t wait to play “Brain in a Jar” off of Big Vibe. Big energy on that song.

BP: Do you have a favorite venue(s) to play?

Ryan: Webster Hall in NYC holds a lot of great memories, Underworld in London, and Mod Club in Toronto.

BP: Which song(s) from Big Vibe are you most excited to play live (whenever there may be shows again)?

Ryan: Brain in a Jar, Mrs. David, Still Blue.

BP: Any plans for livestreams or other virtual events, since it’s not possible to tour right now?

Ryan: We’re talking about it, I’ve been told that live Seaway and recorded Seaway are two different experiences which I love. It’s hard to capture the live essence in an empty room so it seems underwhelming to me but I think we could make it special. We’ll probably do something in the new year.

Bucket List

BP: If you could tour with any band (up-and-coming, current, or past), who would you love to tour with? Why?

Ryan: I’d love to tour with Weezer, its obvious they have a huge influence on our music so I think it would be an amazing experience.

BP: You’ve played a lot of amazing festivals and venues in the past 9 years as a band! Were there any “Bucket List” moments over the years? Anything still on the list you’re working towards?

Ryan: Selling out venues in other countries is always insane, no matter how small. But yeah I think Reading & Leeds and Download Fest are big ones on our list.

Thanks Ryan for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to follow the band on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates, and listen to Seaway wherever you like to get your tunes!

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