Quarantine Streams for This Weekend (3/27)

It’s week two (or three) of isolation due to the coronavirus, which has caused the live concert industry to shutdown. Musicians are on lockdown just like the rest of us, so many are livestreaming from home! Here’s what’s planned so far for this weekend:

No Sleep Records: Live from the Quarantine

This afternoon, several No Sleep artists will be taking part in a livestream on the label’s Instagram. The stream kicks off at 12:30 PM PST (3:30 EST), and features seven artists, each playing for about 30 minutes. If you are able to, I’d definitely recommend catching Jail Socks! They signed to No Sleep last year to release their stellar EP “It’s Not Forever.”

Hodera’s Reunion Show (Now via Instagram)

This evening (or afternoon, for you West-Coasters), New Jersey band Hodera’s comeback show (originally scheduled to take place at the Asbury Park Brewery) has been moved to online. The band is celebrating the release of their new EP, “You’re Worth It.”

The show was going to be their first since appearing at Fest last year. The physical show has been postponed to July 17 but all the bands will be performing live on their Instagram accounts tonight too!

The event kicks off at 7PM ET (4PM PT) with Halogens, followed by A Boy Named John at 8, and Hodera at 9.

Iso-Aid Fest

This Australian event runs from noon to midnight on Saturday and Sunday in AEDT. For those of us in the Americas, that means the event will goes from 8:55 PM (Friday) to 9 AM (Saturday) in EST, or 5:55 PM to 6 AM in PST.

Here’s the full schedule for the event (subtract 15 hrs. for EST, 18 for PST):

The headliners for this event include Courtney Barnett (Sunday – 20:20 AEDT, 5:20 AM EST, 2:20 AM PST ), followed by Camp Cope at 20:40 AEDT. If you’re Australian (or nocturnal), this is the event for you! Each artist will be streaming on their own Instagram, and you can find all the links (and more info) on the event’s Facebook page. They’re also raising money for Support Act to help the Australian music industry in this difficult times.

A-F Records: Takeover Fest

On Saturday, March 28, A-F Records’ Instagram will be hosting solo sets from a few of the label’s artists. Starting at 12 PM PST (3 PM ET), you can catch Derek Zanetti (The Homeless Gospel Choir), Justin Sane and Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), and more! There are no start times listed for the bands, but you can check out the order below:

They’re also taking donations for the artists via @AFrecords on Venmo, so consider donating if you’re able to!

Luigi.TV Episode Two

Tomorrow evening, episode two of Luigi.TV will take place on the Luigi’s Mansion Instagram. Last week’s event was a super fun and wholesome time, and I can’t wait for this week’s event with Willow Hill Motel (Pgh), Heckdang (NC), Niiice. (MN), and Origami Angel (DC). The event kicks off at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST on Saturday.


Every day this weekend, Home Outgrown Presents has orgranized for three bands to takeover their Instagram, @HomeOutgrown. Artists will be live at 3 PM, 5 PM and 7 PM EST. Here’s some more info and the upcoming schedules for Friday (today), Saturday, and Sunday.

Other Upcoming Events

These are only a few of the upcoming events, and it’s likely that more will continue to be announced. If there are any artists you’d like to see live online, let them know!

You can also set up live notifications on Instagram and Twitter, in case they decide on an impromptu live session (they’re probably quite bored as well). NPR is also maintaining a list of music events of all genres, check it out!

Since all these streams are free, consider buying merch from the bands if you can, or donating/tipping if they provide a link to do so. This is a tough time for artists, especially those who had to cancel tours, so please support them if you’re able to.

Adding a Live Stream to Your Concert Archive

Want to add a stream to your Concert Archives account? You can add it just like any other show! For the ‘Location’, just put ‘Livestream’ and for the ‘Venue’, you can leave it blank or put the location where the artist is performing.

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