Songs We Can’t Wait to Hear Live – November Update

Wow! Can you believe it’s December already? Time sure does fly when you’ve got tons of new tunes to listen to. Here’s are some of our favorite releases from the last month that we can’t wait to see live!

Bearings – Hello, It’s You

One of the albums I’ve most been looking forward to this year (see these two tweets) has finally arrived! Bearings released Hello, It’s You on November 20 via Pure Noise Records, and it was definitely worth the wait! I’ve heard the name Bearings a lot in the past year, but didn’t get around to checking them out until the first single “Sway” dropped back in September. To say I instantly fell in love is almost an understatement. I loved the other singles as well, but I knew that they’d be even better in full context of the album (and I was right). This is definitely an AOTY contender for me, and I totally can’t wait to catch this band live sometime in the future!

Listen to Bearings on Spotify.

Radkey – Green Room

If you haven’t heard of Radkey yet, what are you doing??? Green Room is the band’s sixth release (counting both EPs and LPs), and is a rock solid addition to their discography. If you’re not familiar with this band’s backstory, they are comprised of the 3 Radke brothers who started the band in 2010 when they were just teenagers. I got the chance to see them open for Rise Against in 2014, and was amazed to find out that they weren’t that much older than me! This new album absolutely rocks and I hope I’ll get to catch them playing songs such as “Two-Face” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” sometime soon!

Support Radkey on Kickstarter or Patreon.

ManDancing – The Good Sweat

ManDancing released their sophomore album The Good Sweat on November 20 via Take This to Heart Records. Admittedly, this is my first time actually listening to the band even though I caught them at a show in 2017, and I’m disappointed in myself for not listening earlier. This album is exactly the type of music I love. It’s the perfect mix of indie rock and emo-adjacent sad music. Songs like “Pancakes (Who Loves the Most?)” are totally chill, while songs like “GloveSweat” would be good to cry to. Basically, if I’m not listening to pop punk, I’m listening to something like this.

Grab some ManDancing merch and find streaming links on the T3H website.

Bilmuri – Eggy Pocket

Okay, so the album is called Eggy Pocket which is vaguely ridiculous, but honestly it’s kinda great. Eggy Pocket is the new album from Bilmuri, the project of ex-Attack Attack! clean vocalist/guitarist Johnny Franck. Bilmuri is self-described as a “Dethcore/ambient/post-jazz/hard rock band.” The new album brings in elements of pop and electronic music, but also heavier instrumentation and vocals. It’s truly an experience, and I can’t help but wonder (and hope to find out) how it plays live.

Listen to EGGY POCKET on Spotify.

Equipment – All You Admire (EP)

Equipment has been one of my favorite new discoveries over the last few years. Their newest EP All You Admire (Chatterbot Records, November 13), doesn’t sound like their last (Madrigral, 2019), but is just as good. The EP only has 4 tracks, but still manages to clock in at around 15 minutes. It’s been awhile since I last caught a Quippy gig, so here’s to hoping we get some as soon as (safely) possible!


The albums mentioned above are only a few of the amazing releases that have come out over the past month. Check out the playlist below for over 50 new tunes released over the past few weeks, and be sure to give it a follow, as we’ll be updating it with new releases every Monday!

Know something we missed? Feel free to leave a comment below. Have your own tunes coming out soon? Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to let us know!

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