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Build out your entire concert archive. Bands, dates, venues, locations, photos, videos, and even who you went with. Concert Archives makes it easy to catalog concerts and shows you the bands you've seen most, most frequent venues, and your most active years.

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It's super easy to upload and view photos and videos from concerts. Huge, full screen photo galleries remind you what it was like actually being there. And, bonus points, you can see photos & videos taken by other people who were at the show too.

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Concert Archives automatically checks the internet for setlists from the concert and brings them right into your concert archive. Now you'll always remember the songs that were played (even the random cover songs during the encore).

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Remembering the concerts you've been to can be tough. The Past Concert Search Engine can help. Enter the info you remember, like the band, location, and/or year to easily find concerts and add them to your concert archive.

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Each concert gets it's own beautiful page containing all the details: the bands that played, setlists, photos, videos, the venue and location, dates, and who attended. You can even post comments and and have discussions with old friends and new.

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What were you doing 3 years ago today? Maybe seeing your favorite band? Concert Archives automatically sends you little reminder emails on the anniversary of your concerts. And there's much more, including the ability to export your concert archive to Excel for safe keeping.

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Lover of music, food and new adventures

Connecticut     Joined June 2017    

Favorite Concert:

A Day to Remember / Papa Roach / Falling In Reverse / The Devil Wears Prada
Mar 15, 2018 Lowell, MA

Recently Added Concerts

Concert Date Concert Venue Location Date Added
May 16, 2019 Basement / Nothing / Teenage Wrist / Fiddlehead   Royale Boston, MA 1 minute ago
Mar 05, 2017 Expire / Homewrecker / Cross Me / Born Low / Meth Mouth Trick Shot Billiards & Sports Pub Clifton Park, NY 4 minutes ago
Sep 14, 2014 Action Beat & G.W. Sok Kinky Star Gent, BE 9 minutes ago
Sep 14, 2014 Paul Couter Jos Gent, BE 9 minutes ago
Sep 16, 2014 The Space Lady / Joris De Rycke Les Ateliers Claus Brussel, BE 9 minutes ago
Sep 19, 2014 Caspar Brötzmann & FM Einheit / Magik Markers Vooruit Balzaal Gent, BE 10 minutes ago
Sep 25, 2014 Hayvanlar Alemi Vooruit Café Gent, BE 11 minutes ago
One Man Party / JFJ
KERK Gent, BE 11 minutes ago
Oct 10, 2014 Stellar OM Source / bEEdEEgEE Vooruit Balzaal Gent, BE 12 minutes ago
Oct 16, 2019 6 YEARS
JD Twitch / Golden Teacher / Sixsixsixties
Bonnefooi Brussel, BE 12 minutes ago
Flip Kowlier & Helmut Lotti
Stadshal Gent, BE 13 minutes ago
Oct 18, 2014 Shit & Shine / Future Old People Are Wizards Het Bos Antwerpen, BE 13 minutes ago
Oct 29, 2014 Steve Gunn & De Stervende Honden Charlatan Gent, BE 14 minutes ago
Oct 30, 2014 Tobacco / Fleur KultuurKaffee Brussel, BE 14 minutes ago
Nov 12, 2014 Trans Am / Majeure De Kreun Kortrijk, BE 15 minutes ago
Nov 16, 2014 Mittland Och Leo Gouvernement Gent, BE 17 minutes ago
Nov 15, 2014 EASTERN DAZE
Master Musicians of Jajouka / Pelt
Vooruit Balzaal Gent, BE 17 minutes ago
Nov 22, 2014 SONIC CITY
Nathan Fake / Neneh Cherry & Rocketnumbernine / Luke Abbott / Vessel / Pye Corner Audio / Rocketnumbernine / Torn Hawk / Luke Abbott
De Kreun Kortrijk, BE 18 minutes ago
Dec 02, 2014 PC Worship De Video Gent, BE 20 minutes ago
Dec 19, 2014 DJ Morthen Kiang / Lee Gamble / Dopplereffekt / Lowcommittee Vooruit Balzaal Gent, BE 20 minutes ago