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Your Concert Archive

Build out your entire concert archive. Bands, dates, venues, locations, photos, videos, and even who you went with. Concert Archives makes it easy to catalog concerts and shows you the bands you've seen most, most frequent venues, and your most active years.

Concert Photos & Videos

It's super easy to upload and view photos and videos from concerts. Huge, full screen photo galleries remind you what it was like actually being there. And, bonus points, you can see photos & videos taken by other people who were at the show too.

Automatic Setlists

Concert Archives automatically checks the internet for setlists from the concert and brings them right into your concert archive. Now you'll always remember the songs that were played (even the random cover songs during the encore).

Concert Search Engine

Remembering the concerts you've been to can be tough. The Past Concert Search Engine can help. Enter the info you remember, like the band, location, and/or year to easily find concerts and add them to your concert archive.

Awesome Concert Pages

Each concert gets it's own beautiful page containing all the details: the bands that played, setlists, photos, videos, the venue and location, dates, and who attended. You can even post comments and and have discussions with old friends and new.

Flashback Emails & More

What were you doing 3 years ago today? Maybe seeing your favorite band? Concert Archives automatically sends you little reminder emails on the anniversary of your concerts. And there's much more, including the ability to export your concert archive to Excel for safe keeping.

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Favorite Concert:

A Day to Remember / Papa Roach / Falling In Reverse / The Devil Wears Prada
Mar 15, 2018 Lowell, MA

Recently Added Concerts

Concert Date Concert Venue Location Date Added
May 31, 1969 Grand Funk Railroad / The Amboy Dukes / Dr John / MC5 / BONZO DOG BAND / Chuck Berry     Michigan State Fairgrounds Detroit, MI 13 minutes ago
May 30, 1969 Johnny Winter / James Gang / Dr. John / MC5 / The Stooges / brownsville station     Michigan State Fairgrounds Detroit, MI 17 minutes ago
May 26, 1989 Max Creek Paradise Boston, MA 23 minutes ago
Oct 28, 2019 Ghost Cool Insuring Arena about 1 hour ago
Jul 04, 1969 –
Jul 05, 1969
MC5 / The Amboy Dukes / bob seger system / Procol Harum / The Crazy World of Arthur Brown / brownsville station / The Stooges   Pottawatamie Beach Saugatuck, MI about 1 hour ago
Oct 24, 2013 Disco
Arnaldo Antunes
Auditório Araújo Vianna Porto Alegre, Brazil about 1 hour ago
Aug 14, 1969 Blind Faith / Delaney & Bonnie / Free     Oakland Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA about 1 hour ago
May 10, 2003 Buzzfest XI    
Stone Sour / Godsmack / Powerman 5000 / Skrape / Systematic / Taproot / The All-American Rejects / Breaking Benjamin / Evanescence / the Exies / Maroon 5 / Off By One / RA / Seether / Trapt / The Used
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX about 1 hour ago
Oct 31, 2004 Damageplan /  Shadows Fall   House of Blues New Orleans, LA about 2 hours ago
Mar 13, 2020 Scott H Biram   Blue Moon Saloon Lafayette, LA about 2 hours ago
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