Release Notes

Released April 3, 2018

Website Version 4.0

This was a huge release, the biggest one since launch in 2014. Hope you enjoy it :)

Here's what changed:

  • Brand new site design ("Pizazz Edition" haha)
  • Lots of improvements when browsing on mobile devices
  • Users can now sort your Favorite Concerts
  • Smarter concert search that now searches the concert title, the bands that played, and the location
  • Features for Patreon patrons (profile badges and ad-free experience)
  • Users can now add a cover photo to their profile (they can upload one otherwise it'll automatically use the last concert photo they uploaded)
  • Made it so the "+ Add Concert" button is more accessible on many more pages
  • Dedicated Photos and Videos pages for bands, venues, and locations so that visitors can browse all of the photos/videos
  • Fixed the issue that caused concert photos taken in portrait mode (vertical) to display in landscape mode (horizontal) when uploaded.
  • Added band avatars to the band pages
  • On concert pages, the setlists now load in the background which dramatically improves performance and makes it so festivals with lots of artists don't cause an error
  • Improved the experience for brand new users adding their first concert
  • Added navigation 'breadcrumbs' to the top of the page to make it more obvious where visitors are on the site
  • Prompts for brand new visitors that tell them more about Concert Archives and prompt them to sign up
  • Added the 'Credits' and 'Release Notes' pages
  • Fixed lots of small bugs and cleaned up a bunch of code