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 Dan D. Is this a work in progress? the Coliseum has had a lot more concerts than listed. Pacific Coliseum Jan 18, 2020
 Scott Beck Absolutely the best live show I've ever seen. Pink Floyd Jan 18, 2020
 Joe R. Zenarcher Unbelievable show. Took my younger brother and sister at 16. My only chance to see the amazing Phil Lynott when he was still with us. Afterwards he stood next to me on the riser and watched Freddie Mercury open the show with a champagne toast. Incredible! Thin Lizzy / Queen Jan 17, 2020
 Safyre Rayvenhart I Prevail were the first band I watched play on Download's Sunday line up. They were a delightful surprise as an infusion of rap-metal mixed in with some harsh growling reminiscent of the noughties era of metal which introduced me to the realm; they will definitely be given a proper listen to when I'm back home. Next I made my way up to the Pepsi tower to take in the elevated view from the rooftop. Sipping on a ginger flavoured Pepsi with gin and lime I witnessed crowds of fans making their muddy way to the stages which were spaced out quite evenly. Descending the staircase I caught up with Godsmack whose lead singer I initially thought was James Hetfield as his commanding voice sounded so similar to his. I recognised a few songs although could never attribute them to any band prior to hearing them live, whilst they played an enjoyable set that got the crowd bopping. Up on the opposite side of the field I trudged my way through thick mud to sample metalcore band Crystal Lake who hail from capital Tokyo, a memorable name I had seen strewn across my band tour news feed many times (they are actually in the middle of their European tour at present). Honestly I had no idea how insanely heavy they were; they now make one of the heaviest bands I had ever seen, and I have been broadening my horizons lately to encompass a truckload of death metal on my concert agenda! After fuelling up on a crispy duck wrap I dashed through some awaiting fans as the crowds grew bigger for Amon Amarth, who I believe were a headliner for Bloodstock just last year? With this in mind I was gearing up for a spectacle. My expectations were more than met when they played some of my favourite tracks from their discography such as "The Way of the Vikings", "Ravens Flight", "Raise Your Horns" and new track "Crack The Sky", and made a theatrical show of Viking battles and seafaring with a giant inflatable water serpent monster akin to The Beast prop Iron Maiden used on their European tour last year. It was an exhilarating performance that got the crowd going with what must have surprised Amon Amarth's lead singer as he exclaimed, "this is the first time I have seen a rowing mosh pit!" and I already have it in my mind to see them again in the Winter season this year. Next I headed onwards to see Alcest, a post-black metal band who were playing an ethereal set tinged with a shrieky eeriness that is infamously embedded within the genre. I stayed at The Dogtooth Stage to catch another Japanese band, Coldrain, a post-hardcore band hailing from Nagoya, who were causing a heavy riot with their melodiously aggressive songs. Dream Theater were up on my list as one of the main reasons for being at the Sunday Download so I scurried off to see their impressively idyllic and gloriously proggy set. They aimed to please as they played renouned tracks such as "Pull Me Under" as well as from the new album with "Fall Into The Light" to keep things current. I was certainly pulled into a dreamlike state by these masters of their genre. Last but not least, I stayed at The Zippo Encore stage to savour Slayer's set one final time on their last ever UK appearance. They did themselves absolute justice as they came in roaring with the crowd, pelting their instruments with the same fierce energy as the pyrotechnics that flared up on stage like all hell had broken loose. Having to catch the bus I had to sneak out early before they finished their set, but as I had seen them live just 7 months ago I left with a smile and a sense of gratitude. Slayer, you may be leaving the metal world but your incredible musical impact will always stay with us; thrash for life! As I left the Download field I kept glancing back with a sinking feeling that it was all over too soon. Even with just a day's experience it has felt like home, with how everyone was so helpful and courteous, with how the shared euphoria beamed across everyone's faces, with the familiarity of people so similar to yourself that it felt like you belonged. These amongst so many more are the reasons I love metal music and all that it embodies. Metal brothers are always and forever in my heart! Life's events come and go but with metal in our souls this life and love is forever <3 \m/ "No one said life gets in the way/ That our plans may change but our hearts remain/ Every time you leave/ I lose a little piece of me/ Finishing the puzzle is the hardest part" Every Time You Leave, I Prevail Download Festival 2019: Sunday 16th June Jan 17, 2020
 Mike Howell REO played Riding the Storm Out straight through a massive thunderstorm the wind was blowing like 30 miles an hour and lightning was going off behind them and the crowd was going nuts I went out and bought three REO albums the next day Nine Lives tour Jan 14, 2020
 Coaster151 My retirement day! Roseanne Cash Jan 14, 2020
 Dgt I went to this concert. Best concert I’ve been to. Stage set was brilliant at the time... Thompson Twins Jan 14, 2020
 Gretchensandiego My very first concert at the tender age of 13. Elton John Jan 14, 2020
 Coaster151 University of Iowa and Fieldhouse is in Iowa City not Des Moines Grateful Dead Jan 14, 2020
 George Ancona My first concert. Went with my cousins Tom and Dean and Tom's friend. I recorded it on my Realistisc cassette tape recorder Deep Purple / ELO Jan 13, 2020
 Ewa Bo YES! New year new album, they will play in Oakland in April :D Jan 13, 2020
 Travis Null You're missing one: 5/24/2005, Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum Velvet Revolver Jan 12, 2020
 Teedup The location is incorrect for this date. This was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have the stub. Alice Cooper Jan 11, 2020
 Eric Simpson The venue shown here did not even exist at the time! SMDH at whoever added this "info." This show was at the San Diego Sports Arena, as was I. Rush / Pat Travers Jan 11, 2020
 Gina Harrison Fuck yeah! Not one person could be found to go with me to see this so when the traffic slowed to a crawl as we aporoached the ampitheater I began asking every carload of people that passed by in the adjacent lane if they all had tickets to the show. After about 10 minutes I found a guy who had a passenger that did not have a ticket but planned on trying to purchase one at the show. As I handed one of mine to him through the car window I said "I just made your day dude." Then I actually saw him again after the concert and stated lucky to have connected on the road there because I don't think they would have let him in since no one was selling tickets out front of the enterance to the concert. 🤨 He replied "It was the weirdest thing, some chick just gave me a ticket on the way here...?" 😏 I said " Yeah, it was me." Then we did a whip it with his buddy 🤭 who then began tearing up the lot doing cookies as he stood inside with half his body sticking up out of the sunroof 😆 before we all split, and I headed back to Oregon, my home state. Blink 182 & No Doubt Jan 10, 2020
 Wild The band that opened for them here on this leg of the Signals tour were 'The Tenants'. Their sound was more like that of The Police, than Rush. Although Montreal loves The Police, The Tenants were booed. They played their set and then walked off of the stage. Rush Jan 10, 2020
 Thomas Vacchino I'm guessing at date here? But considering they played Connecticut the night before this would make sense. Hung out with the Band per usual! "Gretchen Goes to Nebraska" Tour Jan 09, 2020
 Thomas Vacchino This is a guess on date. King's X opened for Hurricane at The Channel on the 23rd but Hurricane pulled out of the tour as they got an opening slot on a Arena tour. dUg told me this whilke I was hanging out with hime before the show. "Out of the Silent Planet" Tour Jan 09, 2020
 Taptoor This show also had Skid Row Kiss / Ted Nugent Jan 09, 2020
 Taptoor This concert also included Taproot. Deftones / Incubus / Taproot Jan 09, 2020