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 Gza Gator William Ryan Key (Yellowcard) The Sick Tour Jul 22, 2019
 Detys Had a high fever that day but remember The Minutemen rockin'. R.E.M. - Reconstruction Tour Jul 22, 2019
 Detys Long time ago. Lotta alcohol. Got backstage after the show somehow and then kicked out by Will Sargent, I think, for being too young to drink. Or maybe he just thought this little fella was too drunk already. Jul 22, 2019
 Chuck O Been a fan since GYBR came out in ‘73. Thank you sir for all the great music. Elton John Jul 22, 2019
 Stephenjgrant Michael Marr (RIP) also in the audience. Also the day that Amy Winehouse died. Martin Stephenson Jul 21, 2019
 Jennie P71 Not the correct date...I'm trying to find the date that Levert, Glen Jones, and the BarKays were in Omaha between 1986-1989 LeVert Jul 21, 2019
 Craig Mac Ex Oh's "Workmans Takeover XVI - "Goodbye, student loan payments!" Late Night Pharmacy / Figs /Radical Centrists/ Drop the Shadow Jul 18, 2019
 Jirwin13 Great show got to meet Pantera at Homers in the old market. Anthrax and Pantera are my absolute favorite bands of all time Anthrax / Pantera Jul 18, 2019
 Jeff Bogue Ronnie James Dio played the Bronco Bowl on November 15th 1983 , Y&T was the warm-up band The Bronco Bowl Jul 18, 2019
 Jeff Bogue It was a great show I saw him a month later at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City that's where I was living at the time Dio / Y&T Jul 18, 2019
 Beth Crosby Setlist has "One More Minute", my favorite Weird Al original, but he did not perform it on July 16th @ Wolf Trap. Weird Al Yankovic Jul 17, 2019
 Tiffany Kotz went with Alisa! 311 & Dirty Heads Jul 17, 2019
 Boss302kirk Following my first review I forgot to mention the music from "Some Girls" also. This is the album that this concert was promoting at that time. What a gas! The Rolling Stones / Kansas / Eddie Money Jul 16, 2019
 Boss302kirk This was a great time to see The Rolling Stones. The setlist included stellar tunes from "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll", the standard favorites from 1962 on and newer songs from "Black And Blue". Eddie Money was on the first leg of his first tour and Kansas was very good as musicians as their best song from this tour was " Point Of Know Return". A memory that comes around more than once in a lifetime for Mary (wife), Ken Vincent (bro), Todd Osborn (bro), Daddy Dave (good friend) and Joey Vampola (bro)! We've all talked about this concert on social media many times! Rock on friends! Folsom Field, University of Colorado Jul 16, 2019
 Ewa Bo nie poszlam Slash Jul 16, 2019
 Niusteve Leonid & Friends - one of the best cover bands ever. Very fun! Great to have a "Chicago" original join them. Leonid & Friends / CTA with Danny Seraphine Jul 16, 2019
 Daniel Dixon Renounced sounded great, Obey the Brave were a cringe fest, Capsize were pants, Stray from the Path totally turned the Key Club into a party though! Stray from the Path / Capsize / Obey The Brave / Renounced Jul 16, 2019
 Daniel Dixon All bands were good, first ever gig abroad! Hundredth / Landscapes / Silent Planet Jul 16, 2019
 Daniel Dixon This gig was so good, Turnover literally gave me shivers and sounded perfect, Citizen were amazing from the word go! Citizen / Turnover / Fade Jul 16, 2019
 Schnozlepoof The year that Louder wasn’t so loud. Cancelled due to swampage. Louder Than Life Festival 2018 Jul 16, 2019