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 Capo First time seeing one of my favorite all time bands. Their was some grumbling about it not being the same without the recently parted Michael Schenker but Paul "Tonka" Chapman was a great,great guitarist in his own right, and while replacing a legend like Schenker was daunting for anyone, Chapman blew everybody away putting his own stamp on the band. Got to say that Phil Mogg is/was one of the most underated singers and lyricists, besides being a great frontman. A little aside, for some reason my brother and his friend picked up a bottle of Peppermint Schwapps and we drank it before the show. A little sick was I from such a strange choice of booze. No Place To Run Tour Jul 01, 2022
 Capo Without doubt, the loudest show I ever attended. I was nowhere near the stage but Nugent saw to it that my ears were ringing for days after, This was a hell of a triple bill. Def Leppard had their first album out and went down a storm. The Scorps high energy set took the crowd by the throat and never let go. Both bands got encores as I recall. Uncle Ted made his entrace wearing nothing but a lion cloth and swinging on a rope from one side of the stage to the other, screaming like a banshee. Then he picked up his guitar and rocked the whole place with a blinding set. Those were the days of seeing three bands for just a few bucks. Scream Dream Tour Jul 01, 2022
 Paul Dayfoot Lighthouse played: Sweet Lullaby 1849 What Gives You the Right? Love of a Woman Eight Miles High (one hour long) One Fine Morning Lighthouse / Christopher Kearney Jul 01, 2022
 Capo A stop on the infamous Black N Blue tour. Not a happy bunch. It has come done now through the years that Sabbath felt they were the bigger band and should close all the shows instead of the taking turns approach they used, so their was bas blood between noot so much the bands as the crews, The story goes that when Sabbath was the 2nd billed act , with BOC headlining, Sabbath would overplay their set time, leaving BOC to have to cut short their paert of the show because of curfew and union overtime rules. Sabbath was petty, but all reports are BOC did not act in kind and stayed classy. Anyway BOC was headling this show. It was a very hot and humid afternoon going into the evening at this minor league baseball park. Shakin Street and Molly Hatchet were fine. As the sun set and moonsoon clouds moved in, Sabbath opened with War Pigs, and the overhead lightning seemed almost programmed with the music. It was errie and a little scary as the bolts were close. This was Ronnie James Dio's first tour has the new singer and was wonderful. As Sabbath ended their set, the skys opended up and we were all being soaked in the deluge. We waited for over an hour, in the rain, till finally the anouncment we dreaded blasted through the staduim, it was too dangerous for BOC to play on a stage that had become flooded and their was real danger of shock. So we were told to hold on to our stubbs and filed out soaked, dirty and disappointed. But we did get our BOC make up show in September. As a side note I think this was Sabbaths drummer Bill Wards last gig, as he just took off and Sabbath canceled a few show till they enlisted Vinne Appice to take the drums over. All in all, a wet, interesting night. Rock N Roll. Black N Blue Tour Jul 01, 2022
 Capo The make up show that was rained out back on July 25th. BOC plyed a little longer set as they were alone. I think they added "Then Cake the Last Days of May" as a treat, featuring Buck Dharma's incendiary solo. During "Divine Wind" they had a crew member dressed up as the Ayatollah Khomeini , who at this point in the hostage crisis was the most hated man in the US. They did some mock tongue in cheek skit with him during the song, BOC had the usual great lighting and pyro, put to good use for the finale of "Born To Be Wild" as Eric Bloom rode his Harley out on stage with billowing smoke and strobes everywhere. When "Reaper Played" some stayedother tired and rock out fans slowly made their way to the exits. Another great show from BOC. Black N Blue Tour Jul 01, 2022
 Len Czyzniejewski Facebook album: Ann Margret Jul 01, 2022
 Psfivgas There were two shows for School's Out that night at the Chicago Amphitheatre, turdy turd & archer, and both were packed. Captain Beyond was the backing band but we didn't see much of them because of the slow transition of the crowd after the first show, but we heard them, loud. Before gettin into the building with the throng we saw our first Honda Coupe ever, new tiny yellow thing. People were wild & started yelling and said “Let’s pick it up.” So a bunch of us got all around the car with two people scared to death inside, and we actually picked it up, all four off the ground, & turned it to the side, put it down and began laughing and yelling. Moving on. We found our wall seats, left of the stage, and high enough above to see the entire amphitheater, with all general seating on the dirt floor. We never saw anybody sitting on the floor the entire show. Remember this place was for the great livestock shows in history. Alice came out from the right side of the stage, climbing steps as drunken with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He had painted black eyes, gnarled black hair, and glitter bottoms. Your playlist is wrong because it doesn't have the best song on there to start the SECOND SHOW...'BLUE TURK' (listen to the music) It looks like most of the playlist is correct after that with maybe the addition of a couple more. It was a long show maybe two hours plus. The guard posted at the front of the stage was bald and Alice did him a number on several acts. He stuck the big boa constrictor that he played with in his ear once. Stabbed him on top of his head with a fencing bail once. He tried to grab him several times, maybe it was part of the act. Alice passed out at one point and we watched them behind the set giving him smelling salts or paregoric under his nose, reviving him. The band was right on cue, superb, better and louder than the albums they played from. They did Dead Babies but I don’t see that on the playlist. They did the street fight scene & one of our friends told us later that it was the first time they ever did it on stage was the Chicago show, I’m not sure. Alice on another set got hung. The band played extremely well & actually were part of the antics in many sets. Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, & Micheal Bruce were dramatically active on stage as well as acoustically exact in their sound production. Towards the end of the show Alice was taking off the little amount of clothing he had. His bottoms were a tight silver glitter pant, that’s all that was left at the end. But when he threw his belt out into the crowd a bunch of people were fighting like cats and dogs in the dirt for it. Late in the show they brought up a box of posters all rolled as tubes with cellophane. By this time the smoke was thick because there was no air circulation. Kinda like an inversion layer hovering 20 or 30 feet above the dirt floor. During the set he used one hand to unroll the first poster of himself and ended up wadding it up on his bare chest and then tossing it out into the crowd. From above it was like watching a bunch of bait fish ripping it apart until it disappeared. Then the box of posters was thrown one at a time in different directions. He threw one in our direction but way short of our height. Women who had been on shoulders on the floor had removed their tops during the show and were now enthusiastically bouncing their tits at him trying to get one of the posters. Alice was blown away by these things and touting them maybe to take off more. And yeah they did encores using School’s Out as the blow out. Top 10 show of all time, hands down. Need you know more? We thought we had gone nuts after the show driving back on the 55 headed to Riverside-Brookfield. Alice Cooper Jul 01, 2022
 Michael Camacho Megadeth Definitely headlined-but I'm sure after AIC, Slayer opened, then Anthrax.. I know bc at the time, I didn't know wtf AIC were, so we stayed in parking lot fillin' up on chemicals and then I heard the roar of what can only be produced by Slayer.. Ran to the show-they wouldn't let me in with my disposable Kodak camera-so I 'made' my gf at the time take it to the car after snapping pics of us LMAO (she didn't mind, she wasn't a thrash fan-I think she was into Paula Abdul & Madonna) Anyway, KILLER show...!!!! Megadeth / Slayer / Anthrax / Alice In Chains Jun 30, 2022
 Night Sage This was a great show. Boy George is so generous and lovely - a class act. BOY GEORGE & CULTURE CLUB with Special Guest Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey Jun 30, 2022
 Heavy Dadvibes First metal show for Syd The Final Campaign Jun 30, 2022
 Lance Binkley Please correct your misinformation. Lowell George Jun 30, 2022
 Lance Binkley Last concert: June 28, 1979 Lisner Auditorium, Washington DC. He died early the next day in his motel room with his wife. Verify on his Wikipedia page (and I attended the concert). Lowell George Jun 30, 2022
 Dave Kleyh Bim and Crowd. Jerry Doucette / Bim and Friends / Prism / Canned Heat / Long John Baldry / Jay Ferguson / Crowcuss / Karall Brothers / Goddo / Streethart / Stonebolt / Downchild Blues Band / Fosterchild Jun 30, 2022
 John Murray Photos by John Arnold. Rush / Max Webster Jun 30, 2022
 John Murray The band was blowing their horns right in our faces. Photos by Mark Schuler Chicago Jun 30, 2022
 Michael Camacho Best show I've been to in a long time. LA Guns was on point. And Taime Downe sounded real good. I don't remember the set list order but, for some reason they always (who ever does the set lists) skips "Give Me More Reason".. and it DEFINITELY was played.. LA Guns / Faster Pussycat Jun 30, 2022
 Michael Camacho First Concert @ 13 y/o. Went with my neighbor Jim. Bruce Dickinson stopped a song to complain about an audience member throwing an "egg" at him. He invited the guy who threw the egg up on stage or that him "and the boys" could jump down there & kick his ass instead and then finally moved on & continued playing... I just always wondered, who brings eggs to a concert?? Somewhere In Time Tour Jun 30, 2022
 Neil Sutcliffe Original date postponed on day of gig. Joanne Shaw Taylor / Aaron Keylock Jun 30, 2022
 Willywildcat Dwight Parker Doobie Brothers - Cycles Tour Jun 30, 2022
 Willywildcat Doug Kovach Loverboy Greatest Hits Jun 30, 2022