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7656141ee63203d5c04544ff41537ef3  Lopol Madcool Festival Jain Jul 16, 2018
E59d9cdbd7cc0d98f329879c4c0a17f9  Lucas Anderson Nothing from Section 80. Kendrick Lamar Jul 15, 2018
00bdd54502bd4287e3e007becb6be15b  Chirpiechic The White Album concert Phil Jamieson / Josh Pyke / Tim Rogers / Chris Cheney Jul 15, 2018
Be682002af38b4555e85bd2dbe7c6308  Shavaun Awesome show. Front row at a table. Got drunk threw up on the way home Jeff Martin / Mitch King Jul 15, 2018
607ffc000927c7519063af8d8367c0f0  Gmb143 Missed the opener The Story So Far, Taking Back Sunday, and Coheed and Cambria at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre (July 14, 2018) Jul 14, 2018
Sm_avatar_1253_6092542021160_t  Jay O. Tea 18.75€ Pallbearer Jul 13, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Yup Pentatonix / Echosmith / Calum Scott Jul 13, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Thumbs up. Wye Oak Jul 12, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee The "Duke of Puke" all over the Cellar Door's stage rug. "Mood Ring" with kitchen apron and wighat on head, dirty toilet brush in one hand - a plunger in the other. Management replaced the rug - twice! Handed Slim his pink slip "Take your blues elsewhere". Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band Jul 12, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Although this tour was billed as the "World Tour 86/87", Elton and the band took the stage wearing black leather jackets. Elton only played but one song, "Paris" from his upcoming album Leather Jackets. The audience never figured out what all the leather was about, but then, it was all a bit premature anyway. Elton's cover of Leon Russell's "A Song for You" was masterful. Elton John Jul 11, 2018
50f306eeb5d6b2b9b6289d90233f4d4c  Fletch Sarah Borges Los Straightjackets Marshall Crenshaw and the Bottle Rockets Jul 11, 2018
A83cbf45e466f4f66e20073e1133b726  Claire Ssali Cardy I remember being overwhelmed by the amount of people dressed up as Boy George, particularly men! Culture Club Jul 10, 2018
09e57d180f4ac504995309e97e20fb5d  Nogo Mike Great show iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 Jul 08, 2018
Da03409836987bb9cce1e7607f58d3d8  Iris Paul Simon at Sportpaleis (July 5, 2018) Jul 06, 2018
Ee8cfba3306014834547ad7cf8d6676f  Aucielhicks caught: 1 tamborella Richard Ashcroft / Liam Gallagher Jul 06, 2018
799982545a3b25e4d5d455d6d9bcea24  Tracy Lynn 100th concert Sticks & Stones 10 Year Anniversary Jul 05, 2018
378df93f6bc0f5f50cfc186670922be8  Agnes L Photos : Jack White Jul 05, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee You have too many bands spelled in lower case, and venues too. Your messing up my concert listings by doing this. Please try to clean it up. loveshire / native tongue / Jynxx / Enuff Z'Nuff Jul 04, 2018
33c65fd3d6521b42b76f36091a25e121  Disposable Hero604 Filmed for "Through The Never" concert film Metallica Jul 04, 2018
33c65fd3d6521b42b76f36091a25e121  Disposable Hero604 Re-shoots for "Through The Never" concert film Metallica Jul 04, 2018