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7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head MARCH 13: The Show To End All Shows A complete chapter could be written about my musical fascination with this one band that became my obsession:THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND. A buddy from college, a radio station partner to whom I gave my first row ticket for Leon Russell at The Capitol to so that he could take out a girl, felt he owed me something and invited me to join him to see Johnny Winter at Fillmore East, but I had to pay for the ticket. No problem. We were to met at the corner of 6th Street and Second Ave at 7:30 to get a bite to eat. Our show was the 11:30 set. By 8:45 the guy was a no show, and I was freezing cold standing around waiting. Magically, some guy walks up to me, hands me a free ticket for the 8PM show, which had already started. Not knowing whether my buddy would ever show up I thanked the dude for the freebie and entered the sacred hall. ELVIN BISHOP was “Partying Til The Cows Come Home” as I found my upper balcony seat. After a short intermission when I grabbed a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the lobby I sat down to hear the introduction that changed everything: “THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND”. My mouth was opened, my eyes wide, and a smile from ear to ear was across my face. Never before had I ever seen or heard anything like this. Two Les Pauls exchanging leads, two drummers, a bass player who had a bottom sound like no other and a Hammond B-3 player who when he sang was angelic, Ray Charles like. Upon completion of their set the crowd was roaring for MORE, MORE. After an encore, and it was over. The crowd was still buzzing about The ALLMANS when JOHNNY WINTER AND (THE McCOYS) took the stage. The early show crowd was let out and still raving about The Allman Brothers. Forget Johnny Winter. I checked the corner of 6th and Second and found my buddy who was a bit perturbed that I showed up at 11 PM. I explained that I was there earlier and he was nowhere to be found, it was cold and a free ticket was offered so in I went. I found out that my buddy an anti-everything (drugs) dude dropped double barrel orange sunshine LSD about 6PM, not knowing when it would hit, and got lost on his short journey to Fillmore East. Anyway, he had my ticket for the late show and I was excited at the chance to see The Allman Brothers Band again that night. After grabbing a slice of pizza we headed back to the hall at about midnight. Elvin Bishop was tearing it up, had the crowd in his favor when we were met with the houselights rising and being instructed that we needed to evacuate the hall in a peaceful manner. Seems a bomb threat had been called in. As it was freezing outside we were promised we would be let back in as soon as it was possible. It seemed like an eternity outside but finally, back in, the house light dim and “Ladies and gentleman, Johnny Winter And”…. what? What about The Allmans??? I thought, geez. Johnny did a short 35 minute set, and as he exited the stage an announcement was made, The Allmans would be up next. Thank goodness. When The Allmans hit the stage an announcement was made that the band would be recording live. They played for hours, hours, yet it was not nearly long enough for me. The sun was rising as we headed for the door. It was an amazing set, as can be witnessed on the album, LIVE AT FILLMORE EAST. Saying goodbye to my stoned out buddy who headed across Second Avenue, I proceeded down 6th street where I found a small crowd standing around a huge semi-truck. Music was coming from the side entrance to the truck. I stood there listening to what sounded like a recording of tonight’s set. I lit a smoke and a guy with long blond hair asked if he could bum a cigarette. He took my smoke to light his and said thanks. I was really paying attention to the music not the guy who took my smokes. He then said ,“get closer, give it a listen” as he entered the truck. That guy was Duane Allman. I listened for a few minutes, bid my farewell heading down the street. THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND would become my obsession. Arriving home after 8AM I headed directly to bed. The Allman Brothers Band / Johnny Winter And / Elvin Bishop Group Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head FEBRUARY 20: BLACK SABBATH/ J. GEILS BAND/ SIR LORD BALTIMORE Three nights after THE FACES I am back in FILLMORE EAST in orchestra seats toward the back of the hall to see a show with an acquaintance of mine, not necessarily a friend, but a nice guy nonetheless who had a ticket for me, a late show, scheduled for 11:30PM. The first act was SIR LORD BALTIMORE, a trio out of Brooklyn who had a drummer who was also their lead vocalist. Rumor has it that Bill Graham, after seeing this band perform that weekend decided that he had had enough. These guys were the pits. J. GEILS BAND out of Boston was next. I wanted to see them after hearing their record played many times by Bobby “Wizard” Wayne, the DJ on WCBS-FM. The WIZARD played their stuff as often as he could. Then, BLACK SABBATH. Whew, while Geils was good, I still to this day did not know what to make of Sabbath. They were unique with a grinding, slow, and very loud set. After arriving home with the sunrise I went to bed but not to sleep as the music was still ringing in my ears. Black Sabbath / The J. Geils Band / Sir Lord Baltimore Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head FEBRUARY 17: FACES (listed as SMALL FACES) /SAVOY BROWN/ THE GREASE BAND. The Grease Band was a disaster without Joe Cocker, Savoy Brown, the same without Chris Youlden and the gang which will soon be FOGHAT, so we had only one hope left , THE FACES. And, THE FACES did not disappoint, as a matter of fact they were one of the best, most fun, bands I had ever seen. Ronnie Wood kicked it off on pedal steel with SWEET LADY MARY, the band cranked it up with I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS IT, Rod Stewart out did Paul McCartney on Paul’s new tune, MAYBE I’M AMAZED, followed by Ian McLagen, Ronnie Lane, and Kenny Jones playing their roles in AN OLD RAINCOAT NEVER LET’S YOU DOWN, GASOLINE ALLEY, THREE BUTTON HAND ME DOWN and an encore of Elton John’s COUNTRY COMFORT. All while we were seated in the second row center. The Faces / Savoy Brown / The Grease Band Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head JAN 25: JAMES TAYLOR/ VICTORIA @ FILLMORE EAST My birthday show with JAMES TAYLOR and opening act VICTORIA @ FILLMORE EAST/ Benefit for Native Americans (recording available) ( a benefit show) James Taylor was amazing, entertaining, and a pleasure to hear. I recorded the show on my trusty tape machine. James Taylor / Victoria Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head DEC 23: LAURA NYRO/ JACKSON BROWNE @ FILLMORE EAST for one of my favorite shows of all times as it was a Christmas present for my brother. A youngster who was wooing NYC and The Warhol gang at that time, with his charm, one Jackson Browne opened up on acoustic guitar for Laura Nyro. Jackson Browne’s guitar playing was good and his voice angelic with lyrics that belied his youth to say the least. Then, Ms.Nyro appeared on stage, a stage adorned with just a Steinway piano and two white lighted Christmas trees, one left, one right. Breath taking, and a great night to be with my brother.Her tunes, hits by everyone, were played in her style. She was truly an artist unlike others. Laura Nyro / Jackson Browne Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head Poco had Paul Cotton from Illinois Speed Press in the band now, and he brought “Bad Weather” a superb tune with him. POCO was the star of the evening, Timmy Schmidt, Rusty Young, George Grantham, and Richie Furay. Their vocals as well as their instrumentation was phenomenal.Savoy Brown was heading in a new direction, not a good one. Savoy Brown / Poco / Gypsy Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head DEC 18: GRAND FUNK RAILROAD/ HUMBLE PIE @ Madison Square Garden. Grand Funk had just paid for an advertisement billboard in Times Square which at the time was the largest and most costly ad ever placed there. This was in support of their CLOSER TO HOME record. Humble Pie with Frampton still in tow, stole as much of the audience as they could but the majority was there to see Grand Funk. Grand Funk Railroad / Humble Pie Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head DECEMBER 6: DEREK and THE DOMINOES/ TOE FAT @Suffolk Community College This was a cold and windy December night and this show was general seating so we needed to get there early to have a decent shot at a good spot. And we had our cameras and recording gear with us. We got first and second rows.TOE FAT was the under bill, and were forgettable.We were all anxiously anticipating Derek AKA Eric Clapton. This being the end of the tour, the last night and Clapton is obviously drunk when he comes on the stage during Toe Fat and smeared them with shaving cream???? Didn’t make any sense to me. Later, Derek and The Dominoes were pretty good and pretty high I bet. My recording of the evening is out there as a bootleg, sold by a friend of mine despite my disapproval. Derek and the Dominos / Toe Fat Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head November 28: JEFFERSON AIRPLANE/ BUDDY GUY-JUNIOR WELLS BAND/ HOT TUNA @ FILLMORE EAST A New York concert Thanksgiving tradition was Jefferson Airplane at Fillmore East and this year Buddy Guy and Hot Tuna were on the bill. Buddy Guy was as usual, playing his ass off, and Hot Tuna transitioned in and out with The (new)Airplane. Grace Slick was visibly pregnant, and Spencer Dryden had been replaced by Joey Covington on the kit. Papa John Creech was added to Hot Tuna AND The Airplane.This was not one of their better outing but enjoyable nonetheless. To my knowledge The Airplane never played Fillmore East again. Jefferson Airplane / Buddy Guy & Junior Wells / Hot Tuna Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head November 21:LEON RUSSELL/ ELTON JOHN/ McKENDREE SPRING @ FILLMORE EAST McKendree Spring closed their set with Down By The River (Neil Young) which I really enjoyed. However this new act, Elton John, well by the end of his set I was seated in total amazement. He was fantastic, performing on a grand piano accompanied by a bass player and a drummer, just a trio. Elton John literally lit up the stage (with a Mickey Mouse light attached to the front of his pant while performing backward kicks ala Jerry Lee Lewis on his piano stool. This was his very first performance in New York City (except radio station WPLJ 11-17-70 release) and the New York audience loved it. Leon Russell was in his post Mad Dog mode followed with his band ever so tight.Leon on guitar, piano and vocals, with Chuck Blackwell (drums), Don Preston (guitar), Joey Cooper (guitar), John Gallie ( keyboards), and the lovely Claudia Lennear and Kathi McDonald on vocals Leon Russell / Elton John / McKendree Spring Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head The set list is not even close. I didn't post it. Ten Years After / Buddy Miles Express Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head OCT 31: LEE MICHAELS/CACTUS/ JUICY LUCY @ FILLMORE EAST It’s Halloween 1970 Juicy Lucy was forgetable. Having snuck my portable tape recorder in I captured a great Cactus performance the highlight of which was Rusty Day’s Halloween Boogie rant. Lee Michaels was just okay to me but my concert compatriots adored him. Me thinks it was his looks for the ladies. Lee Michaels / Cactus / Juicy Lucy Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head October 24: DEREK AND THE DOMINOES/ HUMBLE PIE/ BALLIN JACK Ballin Jack was a six piece band comprised mainly of horns and were just okay but HUMBLE PIE was a knockout success and DEREK AND THE DOMINOES as expected, outstanding. Musically, I was one happy man. Derek and the Dominos / Humble Pie / Ballin' Jack Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head For a buck and a half we sat in the orchestra bidding on items donated by musicians, bands, etc. All in attempts to raise money for candidates promoting peace. Just the bands alone were worth more than the price of admission but the narratives for each item was hilarious. THE ROCK RELICS AUCTION Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head Sept 19: Led Zeppelin was at Madison Square Garden doing an unusual afternooon/ evening performance with one show at 2pm and then another at 8pm. We had four tickets for the 8pm show, where they opened with IMMIGRANT SONG. Geez, the band was so good. Led Zeppelin Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head September 12: THE BYRDS/ DELANEY, BONNIE and FRIENDS/ GREAT JONES @ FILLMORE EAST Great Jones UGH, Delaney and Bonnie were fading into alcoholism it seemed, and the Byrds were 8 Miles High but very good. The Byrds / Delaney, Bonnie and Friends / Great Jones Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head AUGUST 29:SAVOY BROWN/ FLEETWOOD MAC/ AIRPORT CONVENTION @ FILLMORE EAST Back to my home setting Fillmore East (with a new and improved PA system) for what would be one of my favorite shows of the summer. This one featured Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac, and Fairport Convention all sharing the bill. Fairport had Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson, Fleetwood Mac was missing Peter Green which was a huge disappointment but this newer FLEETWOOD MAC now had Christine Perfect and they did some KILN HOUSE stuff which rocked. Savoy Brown was Kim Simmonds but had no Chris Youlden on vocals. Lonesome Dave did the voice, and shades of FOGHAT were born. Savoy Brown / Fleetwood Mac / Fairport Convention Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head AUG 11:TEN YEARS AFTER /HAYSTACKS BALBOA/ CACTUS @ CAPITOL THEATRE PORT CHESTER We haven’t seen Ten Years After enough since June 25th so it was time to travel by car to Port Chester, New York, not my idea but I agreed. Haystacks Balboa (Leslie West’s brother), again they sucked, also on the bill was Cactus who we saw at the Randall’s Island gig. Haystacks I could do without forever, Cactus was loud and their “boogieing”was not too shabby that evening. I liked them. And TYA did a new set of tunes, even the opener LOVE LIKE A MAN was brand spanking new. Alright, this was the TYA I liked. Ten Years After / Cactus / Haystacks Balboa Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head AUG 8 :TERRY REID @ ACTION HOUSE, Island Park, NY It was OLD TIMERS DAY at Yankee Stadium and CASEY STENGEL DAY, as the legendary NY YANKEES would retire the legendary manager’s number . Instead of this major event I attended Terry Reid’s Action House show. And Terry played for almost two hours. Terry Reid Apr 26, 2018
7681ba9b5444b75a2d7215bb3ac43569  Rock's In My Head AUGUST 3: JETHRO TULL/ HAYSTACKS BALBOA @ WOLLMAN SKATING RINK This was another one of those bills were the head act brings along a lesser known label mate to open the show, the opener included Leslie West’s brother on guitar (HB) and they stunk. Then, Jethro Tull was introducing some new songs, one being MY GOD. Overall, Tull was musically good but lyrically not my cup of tea any longer and most of the crowd was unfamiliar with the new stuff. Musically, it was a tough night. Jethro Tull / Haystacks Balboa Apr 26, 2018