Hiss Golden Messenger
Oct 24, 2017
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, IL

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Hiss Golden Messenger setlist:
  1. When the Wall Comes Down
  2. I Am the Song
  3. Lost Out in the Darkness
  4. Jenny of the Roses
  5. Biloxi
  6. O Little Light
  7. Gulfport You've Been on My Mind
  8. I'm a Raven (Shake Children)
  9. Tell Her I'm Just Dancing
  10. Heart Like a Levee
  11. Happy Day (Sister My Sister)
  12. Call Him Daylight
  13. I've Got a Name for the Newborn Child
  14. Super Blue (Two Days Clean)
  15. Caledonia, My Love
  16. Mahogany Dread
  17. I Won't Back Down
  18. Highland Grace
  19. Domino (Time Will Tell)
  20. John the Gun
  21. Ace of Cups Hung Low Band

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