Dragon Drop
Oct 11, 2017
Bottom Lounge
Chicago, IL

Pinback - Rob wearing a Slint jacket (with an Infest shirt underneath). Armisted with a black v-neck t-shirt because that's the only thing he wears. Arm's voice is a little rough but got better as the show went on (still not great). Drummer was playing to tracks and since there's only three of them they had to pipe in quite a bit of their sound; they need at least one more touring member but really two. Rob likes it hot. Devil You Know, Torch, Off By 50 all sounded incredible. They play Good to Sea at 1-1/2 speed but it still sounds awesome (glad I was ready for that, though). Just an incredible show.

Dragon Drop - Mistimed my arrival and caught some of this. As bad as expected. Not sure what they're trying to be - prog/thrash/experimental? Whatever it is, it shouldn't exist. And they play over a soundtrack of chirping birds. Very odd. (Later learned it was just their second show.)

Venue - Good enough sized crowd. They did not dig DD. Great crowd for Pinback except for drunk guy in front of me. A renovated warehouse (very similar to Marathon but smaller and with better sound). Cool little place in a cool area of town. Everyone going back to night two (except me, as it turned out; wah wah).


Pinback setlist:
  1. The Hatenaughts of Melancholy Wall
  2. I'm a Pretty Lady
  3. Kylie
  4. Autumn of the Seraphs
  5. From Nothing To Nowhere
  6. Barnes
  7. Good to Sea
  8. How We Breathe
  9. Walters
  10. Subbing for Eden
  11. Devil You Know
  12. Blue Harvest
  13. Torch
  14. Bouquet
  15. Off By 50
  16. Loro
  17. Penelope
  18. Sender
  19. AFK
Dragon Drop setlist:
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