Bluegrass and B.B.Q. Festival

Mar 01, 2014     Yesteryear Village / South Florida Fairgrounds     West Palm Beach, Florida

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March 01, 2014
Yesteryear Village / South Florida Fairgrounds
West Palm Beach, Florida


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Tomsteck59 Aug 29, 2019

Sam Bush played a killer version of Jean-Luc Ponty’s “New Country”

Tomsteck59 Aug 25, 2019


Saturday, March 1st | 7:30 p.m.

Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist Sam Bush doesn't seem old enough to be a musical legend. And he's not. But he is. Alternately known as the King of Telluride and the King of Newgrass, Bush has been honored by the Americana Music Association and the International Bluegrass Music Association. But honors are not what drive him. "I didn't get into music to win awards," he says. "I'm just now starting to get somewhere. I love to play and the older I get the more I love it. And I love new things." Among those new things are the growing group of mandolin players that identify Bush as their musical role model in much the same way he idolized Bill Monroe and Jethro Burns. "If I've been cited as an influence, then I'm really flattered because I still have my influences that I look up to," Bush says. "I'm glad that I'm in there somewhere." He's being humble, of course. Bush has helped to expand the horizons of bluegrass music, fusing it with jazz, rock, blues, funk and other styles. He's the co-founder of the genre-bending New Grass Revival and an in-demand musician who has played with everyone from Emmylou Harris and Bela Fleck to Charlie Haden, Lyle Lovett and Garth Brooks.