Jul 05, 2015     ArtsQuest Center at Steel Stacks     Bethlehem, PA

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July 05, 2015
ArtsQuest Center at Steel Stacks
Bethlehem, PA


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 Aaron Campana
 Hans Heinbaugh

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Domotime2 Jul 25, 2015

I was looking forward to seeing Cake forever! They are literally one of the last bands on my "favorites" list that I hadn't seen before, mostly because their shows are always expensive, but I decided to bite the bullet and finally go. Not bad. Honestly, I didn't really care for their set list. There are probably 30 cake songs that I love, and I only heard 5 of them? And it's not really because of song selection. They were the ONLY band performing that night, which means they had about 3 hours to themselves...and in the end they only played around 14-16 songs. That may sound like a lot, but that amount of time, I expected more. They bantered like crazzzzzzy. SOOOOOOO much "now everyone on the left side go everyone on the right side"...this went on for at least 553542 hours.

They sounded tight and I'm glad I got to finally see them, but something about it all didn't hit me right.