Gentle Giant - Civilian

Jun 01, 1980     Gusman Cultural Center     Miami, FL

Band Line-up


June 01, 1980
Gusman Cultural Center
Miami, FL

Gary Green – Electric guitars
Kerry Minnear – synthesizers, electric piano, Hammond organ, Clavinet, piano and vocals.
Derek Shulman – lead vocals.
Ray Shulman – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals.
John Weathers – drums, tambourine, varispeed cymbals, percussion, backing vocals” from “Civilian (Gentle Giant album)”


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Tomsteck59 Jul 11, 2019

he front row then handed them to Ray, who placed them on a drum.
June 1 Miami, Florida Gusman Cultural Center Interestingly, Derek introduced the song Knots to the crowd as a “psychedelic” song. One fan claims Giant looked ill during this concert, even remembering John Weathers repeatedly throwing up into a bucket on stage during the show. As it turns out, the fan was correct. The band had eaten some bad burgers beforehand, jokingly described by Derek in a backstage press interview after the gig, as “Kentucky Fried Rat”. This also explains why Derek frequently left the stage when he was not singing. The food poisoning hit the players when the opening act, a group called Hoochie, took the stage, and continued through all of Giant’s set. Gary recalls this difficult gig, but says they still managed to put on a good show, even though they played without their own lighting and sound rig which was, unfortunately, on its way to Houston, the site of the following night’s show.