Crowded House / Sheryl Crow

May 06, 1994     Paramount Theatre     Seattle, Washington, United States

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May 06, 1994
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, Washington, United States

$27.50; 8 p.m.


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 Ric Kilmer
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Ric Kilmer Dec 30, 2020

Oh, by the way, whoever found my wallet on that gas pump soon after mailed back to me my wallet--empty of cash but with everything else (credit cards, etc) so that I did not have to notify authorities.

Ric Kilmer Dec 30, 2020

I lost some money (~$200) atop a gas station pump going or leaving from this concert. It's kinda of a long story, but I did learn a lesson about Karma that I still remember to this day in 2020.

Ric Kilmer Dec 15, 2020

The up-and-coming Sherly Crow opened, and did a great job. At one point during the CH show, Neil noticed a group of guys near the front who had spelled out "T-O-M-B-S-T-O-N-E" on their T-shirts or something, and then immediately jumped into performing that song.