Decadent Cabaret 40

Feb 28, 2019 – Mar 02, 2019     The Metro     Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States

Band Line-up


February 28, 2019 – March 02, 2019
The Metro
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States

$10 cover / $25 for all three nights
No refunds

Doors open 6pm

Bugbear 7:00pm-7:25pm
Barbed Wire Dress 7:40-8:05pm
Mistah 8:20-8:45pm
Riggs Calvero 9:00-9:25pm
Nick Anderson & The Skinny Lovers 9:40-10:05pm
Radioheck!? 10:20-10:45pm
John Buxton Experience 11:05-11:30pm
Wayward 11:45-12:10am
Dissonant Mind 12:25-12:50am


Doors open at 5:30pm

Den Barstow Ludders 6:25-6:50pm
Dead Ringers 7:05-7:30pm
Gash 7:45-8:10pm
Beercan Pentagram 8:25-8:50pm
Outlaw Renegades 9:05-9:30pm
The Jaggernauts 9:45-10:10pm
Peter Diedrick Comedy 10:10-10:25
Orenda Fugue 10:25-10:50pm
Peter Diedrick Comedy 10:50-11:05pm
Pit Wagon 11:05-11:30pm
Stare Across 11:45-12:10
Yam Cannon 12:30-12:55am
Irie Sol 1:15-2:15am


Doors open 4:15pm

Nancy Olson 5:15-5:40pm
Contingency 5:55-6:20pm
SEGA 6:35-7:00pm
Paint Dry 7:15-7:40pm
Squiddy & The Banshees 7:55-8:20pm
Ghosts Of The Sun 8:35-9:00pm
FM Down 9:15-9:40pm
Eddie Inc 9:55-10:20pm
Venison 10:35-11:00pm
Drunk Drivers 11:15-11:40pm
Giants Of Midgard 11:55-12:20am
DIY Daisy 12:35-1:00am
Fathom 1:15-2:00am


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Seen By:
 Chad Ostlund
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