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Feb 4, 2010 (14 years ago)

The Masquerade - Heaven     Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Thursday, February 04, 2010
The Masquerade - Heaven
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Band Genres

Death Metal 5 bands

Death Metal:

Metal 4 bands


Groove Metal 3 bands

Groove Metal:

Thrash Metal 3 bands

Thrash Metal:

Black Metal 2 bands

Black Metal:

Brutal Death Metal 2 bands

Brutal Death Metal:

Metalcore 2 bands


Technical Death Metal 2 bands

Technical Death Metal:

Alternative Metal 1 band

Alternative Metal:

Blackened Death Metal 1 band

Blackened Death Metal:

Deathgrind 1 band


Heavy Metal 1 band

Heavy Metal:

Industrial Metal 1 band

Industrial Metal:

Melodic Death Metal 1 band

Melodic Death Metal:

Melodic Metalcore 1 band

Melodic Metalcore:

Nu Metal 1 band

Nu Metal:

Rap Rock 1 band

Rap Rock:

Sludge Metal 1 band

Sludge Metal:

Southern Metal 1 band

Southern Metal:

Louisiana Metal 1 band

Louisiana Metal:

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 Mr Metalhead85
 David Darnell

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