Nov 30, 1985     The Salt Palace     Salt Lake City, UT

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November 30, 1985
The Salt Palace
Salt Lake City, UT


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Loganholladay Dec 02, 2018

Heart Bad Animals concert.
Y And T was the warm up band. My friend Brad Jewell snuck me back stage. Met Y and T. I thought they were rodies because they were all sitting up on a long foldout table wearing the coolest Y and T. Jackets with a black Tiger on them. 80s custom leather jackets. Anyway I was speaking to them and shaking their hands when my friends is screaming( Heart had just started playing) that's Y and T! I'm like no way so we worked our way up front ( lots of black curtains hard to negotiate). Finally we walked out to where we could see the crowd we took a hard right and was on the front first line. I've never in my life been on the front row. General admission hadn't been going on for to long. It was chair seating not long before that concert. Anyways. We are there, the problem is a girl is complaining that we butted in. I told her to get screwed that it was general admission. Anyways a bouncer took notice
But we resisted. If you can believe it, Nancy Wilson threw a guitar pick our way and it almost hit Brad in the face when all of a sudden many hands went to grab it and my friend lost a contact over the ruckus.
I can't recall if we got booted back. Or my friend had to fix his eye. I think both happened together because I remember fighting this girl on the fact that you can't but in at a GA concert. Anyways. I got kicked out of the stage area at Ozzy Metallica concert where this time I took my friend Corey back stage the same way Brad showed me. I'll write that story on that concert. Incidentally, both times going back stage we got lost in corridor, locker rooms etc. Very funny. Brads Dead now but Corey is around to tell the story. He knows the Heart story because I told it to him and he convinced me to try it again at the Ozzy concert. My best friend, also my childhood best friend Brad was a wonderful person. He loved alcohol too much though. I'll never forget his words before we went through the secret door. He said " Now when we go in here, just follow me. Don't look at or talk to anyone, you need to have a look on your face that says, i am supposed to be in here. He emphasized that as the crucial element for success, since we hadn't any badges or passes. I emphasized the same to Corey.
Hope someone can relate or enjoy the scenario.