Kingdom Come

May 31, 1989     Mid-Hudson Civic Center     Poughkeepsie, NY

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May 31, 1989
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY

I barely remember only because my Best Friend had just died on May 21, 1989.... I was still in shock... but I will always love Lenny Wolf and I'm glad that he continued making more Kingdom Come albums on his own.... and thanks to Jared Leto and Spotify... I now own all of Kingdom Come's beautiful and rocking music... Not sure who they played with... but I do remember scoring a white Kingdom Come (Woofer, as in the music video "Do You Like It").... If anyone has anymore details please add them. Thanks and you should all check out the rest of Lenny Wolf's Kingdom Come collection of albums... They're amazing!!!! Thank you, Kai Peterson, for introducing me to such a talented man... Lenny Wolf... LOVE HIM... AND HIS VERSION OF KINGDOM COME... I don't recognize the new singer with the original line-up... it's trash.


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 Jeniffer Rogers
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Jeniffer Rogers Mar 23, 2020

Please, anyone with more information... I bought one of the concert shirts with the woofer from the video, "Do You Like It".... Help me to remember this concert and who played with them, was it Yngwie Malmsteen?