Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now Tour featuring Angels & Airwaves

Jul 18, 2006     Mesa Amphitheater     Mesa, AZ

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July 18, 2006
Mesa Amphitheater
Mesa, AZ

Not sure if they still do but at the time Mesa had a really strict NO loud noise after 10pm ordinance .. which I do remember this show going on till around 10:10-10:20


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Ryguy182 Aug 12, 2019

With the show being in Mesa and Mesa having a strict noise ordinance where ALL loud noise must stop no later than 10pm... this can and did leave a lot of the teen/young Tweenty-Something’s crowd are left with a lot of energy after a great show... and things can get a bit out of hand which I remember this one getting even though they had to rush TBS off after 10 but they did finish there set.. AVA was absolutely incredible on there very first tour and you could tell that more people were there to see Tom DeLonge’s new band... A Lot of people left early but TBS put on a really good show for their first headlining tour ... people who left early missed out