Return to Candy Mountain at The Green Elephant (November 17, 2017)

Nov 17, 2017     The Green Elephant     Dallas, Texas, United States

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November 17, 2017
The Green Elephant
Dallas, Texas, United States


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Ignatius Feb 23, 2019

This was one of those nights that was full of little moments. If it weren't for the amazing people in the crowd, I wouldn't bother with shows like these, except to fulfill a sort of unspoken pact I made with myself to see S3RL live at least once, since I had a track of his eight years ago. The music is great but I keep going back to EDM shows because the people are so kind and the energy is infectious. One thing that was a pleasant surprise was I rarely felt claustrophobic or encroached upon no matter where I was in this crowd of ravers. Always plenty of room to dance, everyone seemed to be naturally mindful of the personal space of strangers. PLUR is alive and well at Green Elephant.

I don't remember many specifics of the music, but I know I liked Seven, Spunky Da Bunny, Ronin and Jimni Cricket's sets. Spunky and Ronin had some powerful bass vibes. And it was so special to me to see Tre (Seven) light up when I told him I was at Eskimo Pie back in 2009. He said that was the first show he ever organized. He's been in the DFW scene for so long and I'm just glad this is a thing I get to choose to do with my life. With any luck this certainly won't be the last time I hear DJ Seven spin...