The Rolling Stones / The McCoys / The Standells / The Tradewinds

Jul 15, 1966 (57 years ago)

Omaha Civic Auditorium     Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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Friday, July 15, 1966
Omaha Civic Auditorium
Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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Rock 4 bands


Psychedelic Rock 3 bands

Psychedelic Rock:

Bubblegum Pop 2 bands

Bubblegum Pop:

Classic Rock 2 bands

Classic Rock:

Garage Rock 2 bands

Garage Rock:

Pop Rock 2 bands

Pop Rock:

Rock And Roll 2 bands

Rock And Roll:

Classic Garage Rock 2 bands

Classic Garage Rock:

Merseybeat 2 bands


Sunshine Pop 2 bands

Sunshine Pop:

Beat Music 1 band

Beat Music:

Blues 1 band


Blues Rock 1 band

Blues Rock:

British Rhythm & Blues 1 band

British Rhythm & Blues:

Dance-Rock 1 band


Doo-Wop 1 band


Folk Rock 1 band

Folk Rock:

Freakbeat 1 band


Hard Rock 1 band

Hard Rock:

Pop 1 band


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The Rolling Stones / The McCoys / The Standells / The Tradewinds on Jul 15, 1966 [710-small]

  Uploaded by Judinebr

 Terry Kane
 Jeani Borchert

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Judinebr Jun 18, 2023

From the book - Rosenblatt Stadium: Essays and Memories of Omaha’s Historic Ball Park, 1948-2012

“In 1966, Rosenblatt came close to staging what would have been its most legendary group, the Rolling Stones. The Stones’ first performance in Omaha was in 1964 at the Civic Auditorium before a meager 672 fans. A blurb in the Teen News section of the Omaha World Herald on July 1, 1966, mentioned that the Stones planned a return for a second Omaha engagement on July 15, which was tentatively scheduled for Rosenblatt Stadium. But perhaps due to inclement weather, the band ended up again at the Civic Auditorium, proving the Rosenblatt could not always get what it wanted.

Jeani Borchert May 20, 2023

We were in the nosebleed section for the two warm-up bands. Then there was an intermission. We saw that many many people did not return after intermission so we just walked up to seats 3 rows back from the stage…stood on chairs. I could almost touch Mick Jagger as he swung his jacket. Amazing concert…at 13 years old an experience and vision I can never forget.

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