The Annual Nocturna All Hallows Eve Ball

Oct 27, 2017     Metro     3730 N Clark St Chicago, IL

Band Line-up


October 27, 2017
3730 N Clark St Chicago, IL

$15.00 + $1.00 GA
10:00 PM

[PLAYLIST] Fri, 27 Oct. ’17; Annual Nocturna All Hallows Eve Ball; DJ Scary Lady Sarah; Metro, Chicago

[A] denotes a request for a specific artist played
[S] denotes a request for a specific song played

(DJ Scary Lady Sarah)
The Changelings- 11:90pm October 30
Curse- Graveyard Shuffle
The Postmarks- Everyday Is Halloween
The Cult- The Witch
Switchblade Symphony- Witches
Addams Family TV theme song
ACTORS- L’appel du Vide
Prudence- Your Funeral
La Scaltra- Nightmares
[S] Depeche Mode- It’s No Good
[S] David Bowie- Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
[S] Ladytron- Ambulances (Gosteffects remix)
[S] Placebo- Special K
[S] The Neuromantic Boys- The Night is Ours
Boy Harsher- Country Girl
Drab Majesty- Dot in the Sky
[S] The Cure- Love Song
[S] Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- Red Right Hand
[S] Sisters of Mercy- Lucretia My Reflection
[S] Trust (Tr/St)- Sulk
[S] William Control- The Monster
[S] Ego Likeness- Water to the Dead
[S] Dead or Alive- You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
[A] Bella Morte- Black Orchids
[S] Gary Numan- My Name is Ruin
[A] Nine Inch Nails- Less Than
[A] KMFDM- Juke Joint Jezebel (single mix)
[S] Wumpscut- Women and Satan First
You Shriek- Bela Lugosi’s Dead
This Is Halloween sing a long!
[S] She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart
[S] Oingo Boingo- Dead Man’s Party
[S] And One- Military Fashion Show
[S] Nero- Satisfy
[S] Hocico- A Fatal Desire
[S] XP8- Eins, Zwei, Drei
[S] BlutEngel- Reich mir die Hand
[S] Laibach- Tanz mit Laibach
[S] Girls Under Glass- Halloween
[S] Depeche Mode- Black Celebration
[A] Siouxsie & the Banshees- Halloween
Autumn - U.S. The Fall (new single- world debut!) <3
[S] Sisters of Mercy- Ribbons
The Damned- Shadow of Love
(costume contest)
[S] Clan of Xymox- Stranger
[S] Norma Loy- 1964 Shadows
[S] Altar de Fey- I See Demons
[S] Virgin Prunes- Baby Turns Blue
[S] Zombina & the Skeletones- Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead
HorrorPops- Walk Like a Zombie
[S] Voltaire- The Vampire Club
[S] Tones on Tail- Twist
The Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show
Ministry- Every Day Is Halloween
[S] Dessau- Isolation
[S] Sisters of Mercy- Alice
[S] Specimen- Hex (7” version)
[S] Mindless Self Indulgence- Shut Me Up
[S] Client w/ Die Krupps= Der Amboss
[S] William Control- Beautiful Loser
[S] V is for Villains- All About the Flesh
[S] Qntal- Ad Mortem Festinamus
Ashbury Heights- Spiders
[S] MGMT- Little Dark Age
[S] Crystal Castles- Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith)
[S] Milkshake Thief
[S] Project Pitchfork- Timekiller
[S] Qual- Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws
I tpame I tvrame- Nevermore
[S] Veil Vitric- Nothing Key
[S] Misfits- Halloween
[S] Repo! The Genetic Opera- Zydrate Anatomy
[S] Depeche Mode- Black Celebration
[S] Lay Your Ghost- The Void
[S] Scratch Massive feat. Chloe- Closer
[S] Siouxsie & the Banshees- Face to Face
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dark beautiful music ritual dance pageantry libations
An American Gothic Productions event.


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Uploaded by Jordan Bovee'

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